Senate Democrats Pass Gun Control & Pedophile Omnibus bill

On Friday night, Minnesota Senate Democrats ditched any semblance of morality, common sense, and common courtesy they had left to ram through their Gun Control & Pedophile Omnibus bill (SF 2909).

This unconstitutional omnibus bill is slightly worse than the others for a few reasons.

  • Democrats barred Republicans from having any kind of input in the conference committee process, which broke legislative precedent. 
  • Democrats removed a House amendment that states pedophilia as not being a protected class.
  • Democrats pushed through their gun control measures, including Red Flag Laws and Universal Background Checks!


Read through those points again. Yep, you read that right. Democrats actually took the time and effort to REMOVE an amendment that says pedophilia is not a sexual orientation. Action 4 Liberty reported about this alarming language when the conference committee version of the bill was released. 

It’s clear what they are doing here. This is just one step towards making pedophiles a protected class. No other explanation for this holds any water. 

When our team heard that it was going to be voted on at some point yesterday, we sprang into action. Organizing phone callers and lit droppers to put pressure on Senate Democrats to switch their votes.

Remember, Democrats only have a one-seat majority in the Senate. If any of their members break ranks, their legislation fails. We figured that rural and swing-district Democrats would have some semblance of reason when it came to gun control and pedophilia. Surely they would not want to explain this gruesome vote to their constituents!

Of course, Democrats voted for this extreme Gun Control & Pedophile Omnibus bill. Do not worry, Action 4 Liberty will gladly remind voters of every evil vote these slimy politicians take when election time comes around. Here's how these Senators voted:


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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-05-13 10:06:34 -0500