Help Us Stop the Child Care Fraud!

$100 Million of YOUR money is being stolen through the fraudulent child care program and sent in suitcases of cash to Somalia. Fraud of this magnitude should unite everyone in politics.

But Democrats allege that you are a racist or islamaphobic for wanting to shut down the program that takes our money and funds a terrorist group in Somalia. The DFL House funded the program again in the HHS Omnibus bill.

Republican Senators are not much better. They tell us they can't possibly end the funding for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). Despite cutting the spending in fiscal year 2021 in their bill, they told our activists that they will be forced to vote for it before the end of session.

In other words, the one group of legislators who tell us every election year they believe in small government, are poised to fund the fraudulent program by another $250 Million of YOUR money!

We say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! End the fraudulent child care program now!

That's why our teams of activists are out dropping lit, sending mailers, visiting the Capitol and making phone calls. We demand that the Republican Senate ends the fraud.

We promise to you to keep the pressure on the politicians who are enabling the fraud. Our activists are highly motivated and truly believe in the vision of a smaller, more responsible government.

But we can't do it alone. We need your help. Please consider making a gift to Action 4 Liberty today to help us get the message out even more.

$10 - to alert 20 voters in his district
$25 - to alert 50 voters in his district
$50 - to alert 100 voters in his district
$100 - to alert 200 voters in his district
$500 - to alert 1000 voters in his district

Thank you in advance for helping get the word out about this fraud.



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