How MNGOP State Exec Can Be Heroes and RESTORE Otter Tail County Delegates NOW

Corrupt MNGOP Chair David Hann has made it crystal clear that he is going to do whatever possible to ignore the vote the State Executive Committee took two weeks ago and continue disenfranchising hundreds of Otter Tail County (OTC) delegates. Not only is Hann keeping the membership of the Special OTC Task Force secret from the Executive Committee who voted to create it, the supposed committee hasn't even met yet.

And even if they did meet and drafted a solution to reinstate OTC delegates, a recently published letter from MNGOP Executive Director Anna Mathews falsely stated that the State Executive Committee can't do anything about the situation and the ultimate decision will be left to the Otter Tail County GOP - the same people working with Hann to keep the delegates out. 

It's a shame and scar on the Minnesota Republican Party that David Hann continues to rule with an iron fist and reject transparency in an election integrity issue. But the members of the MNGOP State Executive Committee have the power and authority to solve this issue and stand up for the Otter Tail County delegates. Here's how:


1) State Executive Committee calls an Otter Tail County Convention pursuant to Article 8, Section.

Article 8, Sec 2

“Special BPOU conventions may be held at the call of the State Executive Committee, the State Central Committee, the Congressional District committee, or the BPOU committee at such time and for such purpose as the committee calling the same may determine.”

2) State Executive Committee appoints a neutral convener (NOT Hann, CD7 Chair, or OTC Exec Members) for the convention who is in charge of appointing people to the committees to put on the convention like: Arrangements (selecting, booking a venue), Credentials (Checking in delegates/alternates to the convention), Rules (putting together a set of proposed rules and agenda for the convention), etc.

This convener must use the forms collected by the Party signifying who was elected as delegates on caucus night. 


What is needed here is for one State Executive member to make the motion to call the Otter Tail County Convention and appoint the convener, another one to second it and all the rest to vote in favor of it.

If that happens, we can FINALLY STOP HANN'S CORRUPTION and reinstate OTC delegates for good!

Here are some of the members of the State Executive Committee who ultimately will make the decision:


Alex Plechash - [email protected] - 612-801-8222

Barb Sutter - [email protected] - 952-201-9625

Roger Chamberlain - [email protected] - 612-940-7677

Joe Ditto - [email protected] - 612-203-1261

Randy Sutter - [email protected] - 952-836-5925

Alec Beck - [email protected] - 952-457-7682

Bobby Benson - [email protected] - 651-236-7309

Tim Miller - [email protected] - 320-905-1010

Keri Heintzeman - [email protected] - 218-820-0971



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