HYPOCRISY; From Delegate Bans to Supporting Un-Endorsed RINOs

Finding a hypocrite in politics is all too common. Unprincipled individuals will use whatever means necessary to cling onto whatever power they have (justly or unjustly). This unfortunate facet of human nature exceeds party lines and exists within the MNGOP, every so often the hypocrisy is just too obvious that it must be called out.

Tommy Merickel is a longtime RINO in Otter Tail County who was a part of the crew that removed 33 duly elected delegates from their BPOU meeting and kept them out of the CD7 Convention & State Convention. He was also a convener, who tried to make the OTC caucuses fraudulent by adding paperwork not approved by the state party or the delegates. Merickel is a perfect example of the corrupt rot within the party who has a disdain for grassroots patriots.  

He sought to add rules that allow party units to BAN individuals from the party for supporting unendorsed candidates. This type of manipulative, establishment gate-keeping is what regular people despise about the political process in the MNGOP. It is, of course, the obligation of party leaders to support endorsed candidates (assuming the endorsing convention was fair). If party leaders fail to support endorsed candidates, it is the duty of the delegates to remove them from leadership. However, grassroots people who have differences of opinion should NEVER be banned from the party for supporting a different Republican campaign.

To make the irony very rich, Merickel and his wife are donors to Un-Endorsed RINO Joe Tierab! They do not even live in this district yet they are shilling out money for a candidate that got SMOKED on the first ballot at the CD2 Convention! See below:

This is not the first time Merickel has supported unendorsed RINOs in primaries. As a leader in the Minnesota Jobs Coalition, he supported the primary opponents against conservatives Mark Bishofsky, Pam Altendorf,  Mike Wiener, and A4L President Erik Mortensen. Collectively the Jobs Coalition spent over $158,000 on these races, only for the conservatives to win each of their primaries!

If Tommy Merickel is a man of his word, he would lead the charge for his own removal from the MNGOP! 

Out of touch dinosaurs like Merickel can feel the grassroots energy pointed against them and they know that since they can’t beat the Patriots on the ground, they’ll just ban them! This strategy will continue to tarnish Merickel’s laughable reputation as an egotistical, ill-mannered, bad faith curmudgeon. Action 4 Liberty will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Patriots in Otter Tail who are fighting this corruption firsthand! The grassroots in Otter Tail have stood up to the bully and will continue the fight to save our state from the Uniparty!

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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2024-05-27 13:12:46 -0500
    What is wrong with these establishment people? A political party is supposed to add people by persuasion, not chase them out with dirty tricks and betrayals.
  • Tucker Hittesdorf
    commented 2024-05-25 13:36:43 -0500
    I bet they vote for Klobuchar too.
  • Action 4 Liberty
    published this page in News 2024-05-24 19:15:52 -0500
  • D W
    commented 2024-05-24 17:59:42 -0500
    The GOP leadership ALWAYS hammers down on Grassroot candidates who lose endorsement races but when the establishment pick isn’t endorsed, they always run a primary and more importantly, the establishment always funds their campaigns. This is not WE THE PEOPLE leadership. THIS MUST STOP. Time for new leadership. Bottom Up, not top Down! WE THE PEOPLE is the only way! Keep Fighting back!