Jordan Peterson Calls on Canadian Gov't to 'Open the Damn Country Back Up'

Popular YouTube lecturer and Best Selling Author, Dr Jordan Peterson, pinned an op-ed entitled "Time to Live Again" in a major Canadian paper recently calling on the government to "open the damn country back up". Canada is currently under massive restrictions including curfews in Quebec and social gathering restrictions in British Columbia.

The piece opens with a story from Peterson about two recent personal experiences of the disruptions in the banking and airline industries due to government restrictions that are plaguing Canadian commerce. He and his wife were "accustomed to systems that worked", but that has changed as a result of recent measures. The disruptions are effecting businesses of all industries, but most importantly, impacting supply chain issues that are leaving grocery store shelves empty.

Jordan warns that Canada is "playing with fire" and we're "frightening people to make them comply" because there is a lack of leadership in the political ranks.

In a recent trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Jordan Peterson notes that there were "no lockdowns, no masks, no COVID regulations to speak of"; adding that "people are going about their lives." But in Canada, "we are putting tremendous and unsustainable strain on all the complex systems that have served us so well, and made us so comfortable, in the midst of the troubles of our lives."

Peterson adds, "the cure has become worse than the disease."

Unfortunately for Canadians, there does not appear to be an end in sight. Politicians seem completely poisoned by fear mongering and authoritarianism than empowered by following science and data. And protecting mental health and civil liberties is taking a backseat.

Like many blue states in our country, vaccine mandates and constant bombardment to "wear a mask" is the predominant talking points from the political authorities. Despite high vaccination rates and mask policies, COVID is surging in these areas of the country. In Minnesota, our Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General and Secretary of State have all recently tested positive for symptomatic COVID. They had the booster shot and wear masks religiously. 

Dr. Peterson finishes with a demand to Canada's government:

Enough, Canadians. Enough, Canadian politicos. Enough masks. Enough social gathering limitations. Enough restaurant closures. Enough undermining of social trust. Make the bloody vaccines available to those who want them. Quit using force to ensure compliance on the part of those who don’t. Some of the latter might be crazy but, by and large, they are no crazier than the rest of us.

Set a date. Open the damn country back up, before we wreck something we can’t fix.


You can watch the video of Dr. Peterson reading his op-ed on his popular YouTube channel (assuming they don't take it down):


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2022-01-19 11:42:18 -0600