Keith Ellison Wins Court Case to Infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Minnesota Court of Appeals just ruled in favor of Attorney General Keith Ellison that the government has the ability to infringe on the rights of individuals who keep and bear arms they made themselves. This case stems from a gun made by an individual that allegedly lacked an arbitrary serial number on it. 

In February of 2022, state troopers responded to a vehicle rollover. The driver, a young man named Logan Hunter Vagel, was transporting a pistol and informed the trooper he did not have a permit to carry it. The trooper located the firearm and concluded that it was not marked with a serial number. Vagel was charged by Anoka County attorneys with "possession of a firearm that is not identified by a serial number, in violation of Minnesota Statutes section 609.667(3)."

Since federal laws do not require a serial number on self-made firearms, Vagel moved to dismiss the charge for lack of probable cause. The court agreed with him and dismissed the charge.

But that wasn't good enough for gun-grabbing Keith Ellison and Anoka County attorneys. Despite taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution, which clearly says the right to keep and bears SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, they appealed the district court's ruling to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. 

Today the Appellate Court ruled:

Minnesota Statutes section 609.667(3), which prohibits the possession of a firearm that is not identified by a serial number, is not unconstitutionally vague as applied to Vagle’s possession of a privately made firearm without a serial number. The district court erred by granting Vagle’s motion to dismiss the section 609.667(3) charge for lack of probable cause. Reversed and remanded.

This is a sad blow to our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Judges act more as agents of the state, propping up unconstitutional overreaches of power, than arbiters of individual rights and liberties.

There's no stronger language in law than "shall not be infringed," yet lawyers manufacture exceptions to the Supreme law of the land all the time. Patriots need to start taking back this country and reclaiming our God given rights or they'll be gone forever.

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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2023-12-27 17:59:10 -0600
    How could the Appeals Court be so far off base on the nature of the issue before the court? The issue was not the clarity of the Minnesota statute, it was the statute’s direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States if applied as it was in this case. Kieth Ellison either misrepresented the issue in his appeal, or the judges are derelict in their duty.
  • Deborah Norton
    commented 2023-12-23 15:57:19 -0600
    I don’t see any patriot letting the court of appeals and especially Keith Ellison over reach his authority to take away our constitutional rights….. Letters and phone calls will ensue after the holidays… Thank you for posting this Jake…
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-12-18 17:32:34 -0600