Minnesota Democrats’ Growing Anti-White Racism

Democrats used to tout themselves as the party of the blue-collar American. They used to look out for the common man and stand against elitism from special interests and the wealthy. 

That party died a long time ago. In its place stands an anti-white, anti-American political party that tears people down based on their skin color and sexual orientation. It seeks to tear down western culture in favor of a culture that embraces division. 

The Minnesota Democrat Party (DFL) is a sad example of a nationwide trend eating away at American life.

In the DFL, legislators are being tossed aside for daring to be straight, white, and/or male. This is perhaps part of why Representative Zack Stephenson recently came out as bisexual.

Democrats also applaud their politicians for calling white men terrorists, as Senator Omar Fateh recently did. Fateh spoke against common-sense amendments to a bill allowing the giving of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. He claimed that the “threat” did not come from immigrants but from “members that sit in the front,” gesturing to Republican legislators.

Watch the video here

Expressing her frustration with the lack of babies being murdered, Democrat Representative Kaohly Vang Her blamed a “few white men” for daring to stand in the way of their legislative agenda. Alpha News reported that Representative Her and her colleagues are prepared to pass more sweeping abortion legislation. Anyone who stands in their way will be dismissed as a bigot, misogynist, or even fascist. 

The United States is not a racist country, as many leftists wish it were. To drive their message home, they manufacture fake stories of discrimination to earn sympathy points. I probably don’t need to remind you of Jussie Smollett’s manufactured “hate crime.”

While countless millions of Americans buy into this narrative, there is also likely something more sinister at play. This kind of “cultural Marxism” is being pushed to distract Minnesotans and Americans from the fact that their country is on the verge of thermal nuclear war with Russia and China

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to prioritize race, class, and sexual identity over the needs of the common man. They have no interest in saving this country, but in climbing to the top of the intersectional ladder. 

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-02-23 14:21:21 -0600