Minnesota Wild Faces Backlash From Left For Not Being Woke Enough

Leftist ideology has thoroughly penetrated every aspect of American life – even our sports teams. The Minnesota Wild was set to celebrate LGBT pride on Tuesday night by wearing gay-themed hockey jerseys during warmups. When they scrapped the idea at the last minute, the left went nuts.

According to the team, it was a last-minute “organizational decision.” According to Twin Cities Pride leader, Andi Otto, this was done because some team members refused to wear the jerseys during warm-ups. Good for them!

Despite this, the team still used pride-themed sticks and pucks. So they still ended up promoting the LGBT community. Unsurprisingly, This was not enough to please the ravenous left wing, who took their outrage to social media. Take a look at just a few examples below.




Again, keep in mind that the team still used rainbow-themed sticks and pucks. It's not enough that the Wild offered their verbal support, they need to fully embrace and promote the LGBT agenda. It's not about choice for these people; it's about compliance.

With this pressure from the keyboard warriors, do not be surprised if the team wears the jerseys in future games to make up for offending the woke left. 


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  • Kyle Quatmann
    commented 2023-03-12 04:15:27 -0500
    I think they did the right thing. It is not up to anyone to decide what a franchize does in any sport. Also, I am a Christian, and as a Christian my God does not like a Man laying with another man or a woman laying with another woman. It is a sin, andto me mental illness that needs to be addressed in this country as bad not good at all. The Constitution was built on Christian veiws and needs to stay that way. I don’t understand why the left wants to please the 1%. I love what the Wild did and thank them for doing it. I say don’t support them at all in any sport. Ha, they can do what they want, and be Judged by God when they die. Hell is a scary place for Gays. Not saying you will go there but you might if you don’t repent your sins and ask jesus for help to transform your minds. I know you all can get the devil’s sin out of you. Still live you all but not your sin.
  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-03-11 13:41:14 -0600