MN Dept of Health Caught Spreading Misinformation

The Minnesota Department of Health has issued several public advisories this week with misinformation about the experimental COVID vaccine. Facing dropping numbers of Minnesotans who are deciding to not get boosted, the Department appears to be on a campaign to continue boosting profits for Big Pharma.

In it's advisory released this Monday where the Dept is "urging" parents to get their children from 6 months to 5 years old vaccinated, Commissioner Jan Malcolm alludes to the vaccine preventing sickness, which has been proven false. Even worse, the State Epidemiologist, Dr. Ruth Lynfield, asserts that the vaccine helps by "reducing spread." 

The experimental COVID vaccines do not provide immunity, which was the original selling point by public health officials. At the beginning of the vaccine rollout, those getting infected after being vaccinated were referred to as "break through cases." In Minnesota, all major Democrat politicians have been fully vaccinated and contracted COVID. Attorney General Keith Ellison had it twice

Vaccinated individuals also spread COVID to others. A Pfizer Executive admitted that they never studied if the vaccine slows or stops the spread before the vaccine hit the markets.


In a statement to the press, Dr. Lynfield also urged Minnesotans of all ages to get the COVID shot "to allow time for their immunity to build before the holidays are in full swing." But COVID shots do not create immunity. This type of misinformation is damaging, however, you aren't likely to see it get censored by Big Tech - they reserve that censorship for truth-telling groups.

The Dept of Health also recommends wearing a mask in public, during the holiday season, but they have ditched the advice on wearing useless cloth masks and advised Minnesotans to wear "well-fitting, high quality [...] N-95, KN-95" masks. Don't expect an apology from MDH for a year of misinformation on the utility of cloth masks, which were mandated by Governor Tim Walz in 2020-2021.


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2022-12-15 10:16:14 -0600