MN House Passes Tyrannical Gun Control Bill

Today the MN House passed radical gun control (SF2909) that infringes on the Second Amendment Right of law-abiding Minnesotans.

Red flag laws and mandatory background checks for all firearm sales and transfers will be the law of the land if this passes the state Senate and is signed by Tyrant Tim Walz. Today was the second day of debate for this radical bill in the House and it was met with lots of challenge and Amendments from the GOP.

Representative Jim Nash (48A) proposed the A9 Amendment that would remove the background checks section of the bill. See Amendment below:

While one might expect a party line vote on that Amendment, Democrat Dave Lislegard (7B) joined the GOP in opposing background checks. However, most shocking was RINO Andrew Myers (45A) supporting this anti-gun, massive government overreach with the Democrats. Voting for gun control is essentially a self-imposed death sentence, Patriots will never forgive Myers for the vote. See below:

The final passage vote was 69-60, with the only crossover vote being Dave Lislegard (7B). See vote below:

Contact your Senator and tell them to oppose this tyrannical gun control. Politicians need to read the Constitution and understand what “shall not be infringed” means! We need to protect our gun rights because once they are lost, they are lost forever. Additionally, Patriots need to contact the swing district Democrats that are most likely to vote against this! Pressure the following to save Minnesota and stop gun control:

Judy Seeberger (SD 41)


[email protected]


Grant Hauschild (SD 3)


[email protected]


Rob Kupec (SD 4)


[email protected]


Aric Putnam (SD 14)


[email protected]

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  • Jesse Smith
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