Nation’s Largest Teacher’s Union List’s ‘Gender Queer’ As Recommended Reading

A controversial LGBTQ book, Gender Queer, has been called out by parents for being overtly pornographic material in school libraries. Some school districts have been pressured to remove the book, while others are encouraged to carry it. Now, the nation’s largest left-leaning teacher’s union is featuring it as a “Great Summer Read.

The book features several instances of nudity, masturbation, and oral sex. Children and adolescents do not need to be exposed to this content at all in elementary school. If parents want to discuss these concepts with their kids, they can do that at home.

Image Credit: "Dippel Senate District 41" on Facebook

The left has begun to rally around this book, promoting it in any way they can. The National Education Association (which gave 92.88% of its PAC contributions to Democrats in 2020) has released its list of “Great Summer Reads for Educators” which includes sections such as “Books to Celebrate or Understand Juneteenth” and “Banned Books: Celebrate the Freedom to Read.”

The union lists Gender Queer under the latter section. Traditionally, so-called banned books have actually been done so by the far-left. Anti-authoritarian books like Animal Farm and 1984 were banned in the Communist Soviet Union, and have been banned in some U.S. Counties. Those are examples of books that should be celebrated for being pro-freedom and capitalism.

Educators should be encouraged to read American classics over the summer, not left-wing propaganda coming from a modern-day political activist.

There is no freedom in grooming children because they cannot consent to the content that they are being fed. With graphic images of nudity, masturbation and oral sex – this book should not be funded by taxpayer dollars to be put in public elementary schools.

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