New Face - Steve Boyd Launches Republican Primary Challenge to Rep Fischbach

A competitive primary race has emerged for Minnesota's deep red 7th Congressional District. Business owner Steve Boyd launched his campaign recently to a crowd of 200 gatherers in Alexandria. 

He's seeking the seat currently held by Rep Michelle Fischbach, who first won it in 2020. Although claiming to be a conservative, Fischbach has been a career politician and voted for countless unconstitutional omnibus bills while serving in the MN Senate. Her lifetime score with us was an F (50%).

In his press release, Boyd argues that we don't need politicians in Washington D.C. voting for "business as usual." I had a chance to chat with Steve Boyd to learn more about his run for Congress.

Boyd told me his campaign will have a "difference in focus" than Fischbach's. "There’s been business as usual, go along to get along, we have to have people who are willing to choose principle over party, over politics, and address the more pressing issues" said Boyd.

Steve Boyd is a small business owner, doing lawn maintenance and fertilizing in the Alexandria area. He's married and has five children, including three who were adopted. Those adoptions led him to working with a non-profit called Safe Families for Children.

He's also a "constitution coach" for Patriot Academy that teaches youth about our founding principles. Which seems to be a good fit for Boyd, a patriotic, Christian who homeschools his children. 

Boyd see this campaign as an opportunity to be a "liberty catalyst" for the 7th District. "I’m not going out asking for money and a vote, we’re going to be asking people to step into a committed role of citizenship" said Boyd. "I won’t go around promising that I alone can change everything for them as a Congressman. We need people taking the power back in their hands so the politicians don't have it."

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