New Vax Mandates for Infants and Toddlers?

The Covid tyranny regime will continue as long as people tolerate it and it will end as soon as Patriots fight back. The insanity reaches new levels as time passes and power hungry politicians are always trying to regain control over your lives. Instead of imposing new BS laws on you, they want to impose them on your children.

HF367 is a bill that allows child care facilities to mandate vaccines, including the covid clot shots, or children cannot be enrolled. This is the first step to requiring vaccine mandates for childrens’ learning/daycare facilities and must be confronted. Parents should have the ultimate say on their child’s health and the last thing we need is outsiders superimposing themselves into decisions that have nothing to do with them! 

This bill is sponsored by 8 Democrats, 5 in the House and 3 in the Senate. This includes his bill additionally wipes out the “conscientious” objection parents can raise against vax mandates! The slippery slope is beyond obvious on this one.

The Florida Dept. of Health recently published a report on vaccine injuries showing adverse reactions on 1 out of 550 vaccinated individuals, far surpassing the norms of vaccine injuries. This report publishes and cites several studies that provides a truthful, counter narrative to the big government, anti-freedom agenda pushed by the Democrats, Globalists, and RINOs. 

By expanding the authority of child care facilities to mandate untested, experimental shots, Minnesota is headed down a dark path. Health freedom is one of our most basic, natural rights that should not be infringed upon. Protecting our children from harmful mandates that could result in injuries must be a top priority. The tyrannical, unconstitutional, and control-freak state of Minnesota must be defeated! 

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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2024-04-06 14:40:07 -0500
    The Democrats insist that the decision to kill one’s child before birth is strictly between the mother and her “medical professional,” but they prohibit professionals from counseling people to accept the sex they became at conception (calling that “conversion therapy” in a real feat of Orwellian doublespeak), and would let outside non-medical parties mandate vaccinations. Hypocrisy seems to be a defining characteristic of the DeFiLe Party.
  • Action 4 Liberty
    published this page in News 2024-04-04 21:34:22 -0500