NRA ‘Community Noted’ for Supporting Bump Stock Ban before SCOTUS Decision

News of the US Supreme Court lifting a ban on bump stocks has given a sigh of relief to gun owners across our country. For too long, our politicians and Justices have undermined and sought to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights. While Americans simply want to keep their God-Given Freedoms, some groups like the NRA masquerade as gun supporters when they are really gun grabbers just like the Left!

The National Rifle Association is an organization that was founded in 1871 to advance rifle marksmanship. Since its founding, it has since become one of the most powerful and financially successful lobbying groups in the country. In the late 70’s, the group became more involved with defending the Right to Bear Arms. Like any powerful organization with an important mission for freedom, it was/is infiltrated by career lobbyists, political hacks, RINOs, and unprincipled individuals on gun rights. 

Due to failed leadership by the likes of Iran Contra’s Ollie North and Wayne LaPierre (who faces civil lawsuits for alleged misuse of funds and corruption), the NRA has lost more than 1 million members since their 2018 peak and revenue is down by more than 40% since 2016. The NRA supported regulations on bump stocks, banned bump stocks from their own firing ranges, supported red flag laws, and even endorsed RINO Bob Loonan over now A4L President Erik Mortensen in 2020 (and falsely claimed the NRA endorsement in a 2022 rematch; Mort defeated Loonan in three primaries in a row). The NRA endorsed Boozin Bob Loonan despite Loonan opposing Constitutional Carry, which Mort supports 100%. Mortensen laid this and much more out during his EPIC debate with Loonan in 2022.

In their latest attempt to rewrite history, the NRA celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to stop the ban on bump stocks with a post on X. However, the community notes section was used to inform viewers that the NRA actually supported the bump stock ban! See below: 

While conservatives and gun owners look to the Gun Owners Association and others to support true gun rights activists, a similar dynamic is on display in Minnesota. The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus and their PAC (MNGOCPAC) have donated to Democrats and endorsed gun-grabbing RINOs while the group Minnesota Gun Rights (MGR) has been the trusted source for fighting gun control in MN. The MN Gun Owners Caucus even promoted Mortensen's DEMOCRAT opponent Brad Tabke and helped him craft gun control Amendments! The battle is clear in Minnesota.

Conservatives are now aware that 2nd Amendment phonies cannot be trusted in the battle to secure our Rights. We must never compromise on this battle because lost ground now is lost ground forever. Action 4 Liberty will always stand with gun owners and fight the tyrannical agenda to disarm the citizens!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-06-16 16:42:00 -0500