Pro-Vax ‘Expert’ Refuses to Debate; Hundreds of Thousands for Charity

Joe Rogan’s June 15th interview with presidential candidate and activist Robert Kennedy Jr. has broken the internet. Left-wing outlets like CNN and Vice immediately took to the internet to denounce Kennedy’s longstanding criticisms of vaccines as “conspiracy theories.” Despite this, it seems nobody is willing to prove him wrong.

Kennedy is the nephew of President John F. Kennedy, and the son of Robert F. Kennedy. He is an environmental lawyer by trade, and a vaccine skeptic by choice. His campaign for the Democratic nomination for President should give incumbent President Biden a run for his money.

During his interview, Rogan referenced a previous conversation with Dr Peter Hotez – a huge proponent of vaccines. Rogan recalled that the doctor does not exercise, eats excessive junk food, and refuses to take vitamins. Despite this, he has made a living advocating for mass vaccinations. 

Hotez took issue with the criticisms in the RFK interview and openly criticized the podcast episode on Twitter. In fact, many in the elite "scientific" community were outraged that anyone would dare to question their narratives. 

Science is supposed to be about a healthy exchange of ideas. The scientific method sometimes proves that the old way of doing things doesn't work. Many modern scientific elites do not view their practice in this way.

In response to Hotez, Joe Rogan offered the vaccine doctor $100,000 to a charity of his choice for a debate with Kennedy on his show.

Many advocates and celebrities chimed in, offering to up the amount for charity. This includes CEO Bill Ackman and researcher Steve Kirsch. As of June 17th, over $600,000 has been offered in exchange for a debate.

Even Elon Musk joined in the fun, quipping that Hotez “just hates charity.”

Hotez has largely played the victim in this exchange, offering Rogan public nonanswers on whether or not he will debate Kennedy.

If Kennedy is wrong about the dangers of vaccines, Hoetz is not helping his case. By refusing to debate, he makes RFK’s position look stronger – implying that others cannot disprove the points that he makes. 

In fact, Kennedy very well could be wrong. Our team is not made up of medical professionals. However, the whole office has now listened to Rogan’s interview – and Kennedy makes many compelling points. 

We do know that big pharmaceutical companies make billions off of the COVID-19 vaccines and the mandates that came along with them. It is not a stretch to suggest that these companies would also push other vaccines purely for profit. 

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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-06-20 16:44:28 -0500