Radical Democrat Wants Gun Registration, State License to Own Firearm

State Senator John Marty has introduced an “omnibus bill” of crazy second amendment infringements, including a state database of firearm owners.

His bill, SF 1723, introduces the perhaps the most extreme gun control proposals in the nation. If passed, the legislation would be on par with New York’s anti-gun laws. 

Here’s just a handful of items that John Marty hopes to put into state law:

  • State level gun registry of all gun owners
  • License required from Commissioner of Public Safety to own a firearm
  • Liability insurance required for all gun owners
  • Criminal penalities for buying or transferring more than one firearm within 30 days
  • A BAN on magazines that hold more than ten rounds
  • A BAN on semi-automatic weapons


That’s right, this bill would ban firearms like the AR-15 or the Remington R-25. Take a look!

Rural Democrat Senators like Grant Hauschild are put in a real tough place with this legislation. On one hand, he is all on board with the far-left and their evil agenda. On the other hand, he has to consider that he represents one of the highest concealed carry ownership Senate Districts in the state of Minnesota. His vote for this legislation would almost certainly cost him his seat in 2026.

Perhaps Senator Hauschild needs to be reminded how extreme this legislation is. Contact his office in St. Paul with his contact information below:

Senator Grant Hauschild (DFL-Hermantown)


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Remember, the Minnesota Senate has a one seat DFL majority. If even one Democrat defects from the rest of the party on a bill, the bill is dead. Remind Grant Hauschild that he is at the will of his voters, not his party. Visit his Senate profile page here.


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  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-02-16 12:41:32 -0600