While Minnesota Parades 6 year old Transgenders, Red States Ban Child Genital Mutilation Surgery

Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan, and the radical leftist Legislators paraded a 6 year old boy whose parents are forcing to transition into a girl. The Grooming Demoncrats have made it their mission to destroy children’s lives and glorify the mental illness called gender dysphoria.

This is very evil to push onto children because of the physical, mental, and psychological suffering these kids will have to endure. It is destructive as a society to convince young children to mutilate their genitals, dress up as the other gender, and live in a fantasy land that denies reality.

Adults are free to use their own money and do whatever they like with their own body. Nobody is saying it should be illegal to be a transgender, everyone’s concern is about children and protecting the most vulnerable among us. We cannot allow this leftist deception to creep into the minds of children, we must protect kids from groomers.

Meanwhile red states like Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama have banned the practice of transgender surgeries, puberty blockers, and hormone injections on minors. Alabama’s bill banned this for anyone under the age of 19 and will even pursue criminal charges against doctors who do them with up to 10 years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

While Minnesota Democrats made their priorities clear with their first bill being the Abortions in All Cases Bill, Tennessee’s first bill and #1 priority was protecting children from transgender child abuse! Tennessee’s bill, SF1, prohibits all forms of medically changing a kid’s gender.

Already banned in Florida, new legislation is very similar to other red states and pushes back against this woke ideology. However, the Florida bill does not go as far as others because it “grandfathers” in the kids that are currently doing the transition.

Tim Walz and the other clowns pushing this child abuse will be on the wrong side of history! We should be following the lead of the states pushing common sense legislation that would end this evil practice. Children are impressionable and follow the lead of those around them, if we do not stop the groomers, transgender agenda, and LGBTQIA+ indoctrination, our society is doomed. We are calling on Patriots like you to protect our kids and fight the Democrats pushing this!

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  • Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-03-16 12:02:35 -0500