Representative Jon Koznick Unanimously Censured By His Local GOP


Republican State Representative Jon Koznick was censured by the Scott County GOP on Monday night. According to officials from the party, the liberal lawmaker failed to sign a list agreement prior to calling Republican delegates. His censure passed unanimously.

In plain terms, Koznick failed to respect the privacy of Republican delegates by refusing to first ask the Scott County GOP for the list of names and phone numbers. This violates local party bylaws.

The 5-term representative is no stranger to spitting in the face of conservative grassroots activists. In fact, Koznick is a well-known lapdog for the House Republican Establishment. During the 2022 legislative session, he admitted this much on the House floor when he said “we’re very much told to follow our leadership…”

Watch that clip here.

Moreover, Koznick has campaigned against good conservative Republicans in gruesome primary battles. In fact, he was caught on camera door-knocking AGAINST conservative Republican Representative Erik Mortensen in 2022. Koznick can be seen in the image captured by a home security camera stumping for Bob Loonan, who cast himself as a much more moderate candidate for Mortensen's seat. 

Worse yet, his voting record is atrocious. Koznick repeatedly votes for big budget debt bills and fails to fight for your liberties. The Action 4 Liberty 2022 scorecard reports a lowly lifetime score of 53%.

Do not be fooled, Koznick does not represent a swing district, either. In 2022, he won re-election to a 5th term with an incredible 62.5% of the vote. 

With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats? Conservative voters in Koznick’s district will now need to weigh the consequences of re-electing a politician who has been censured by his own local Republican Party.


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