Republicans and Democrats Wasting Time in Committee Crafting Fake End Walz' Power Bill

Every Friday, Republicans and Democrats waste our time learning about the history of the Governor's Emergency Powers and "working" on crafting a Fake End Walz' Powers Bill in a Committee led by Con Artist, Gene Pelowski. Essentially any bill that passes the committee with support from both parties, would still have to pass the Democrat House, Republican Senate and be signed by the Governor. As you can imagine, any bill that actually takes his powers away, would be quickly vetoed by Governor Walz. They are wasting our time!

Rep Barb Haley, who is the chief author of one of the Fake End Walz' Powers bills, even admitted her bill would not end the Governor's power. So what's the point in this political game show they are running every Friday? At this rate, they are only giving Minnesotans false hope that the issue will be resolved by their efforts.

It will not!

What needs to happen is a team effort by all Republicans to increase the pain on the Democrats until they restore our Constitutional Republic by Ending Walz' Emergency Powers. Republicans in the Senate should fire Walz' commissioners, starting with small business assassin, Jan Malcolm. House and Senate Republicans should also refuse to pass any budget (especially one that funds Walz' executive department) until their legislative powers are restored. And, House Republicans should get on board with Rep Erik Mortensen's Articles of Impeachment to hold Walz accountable for his violations of our Constitution and civil liberties.

The time for "politics as usual" has past. We are losing our system of government because Governor Walz has held unilateral, emergency powers for 11 months. He has shut down businesses, quarantined health people in their homes, mandated mask wearing, shut schools down and is forcing youth athletes to wear face coverings while playing sports. He MUST BE STOPPED!

To End Walz' Emergency Powers now, only four Democrats in the House are needed to vote on Rep Mortensen's Resolution. Action 4 Liberty is ramping up the pressure against vulnerable rural Democrats by going directly to their voters. Learn more about our field operations.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-02-12 10:55:18 -0600