RINO Congressmen Grift behind MAGA; Endorse Trump

Yesterday Minnesota’s four RINO Congressmen lined up unanimously to grift behind MAGA and endorse President Trump’s 2024 campaign. See endorsement below:

This comes after Patriot Senator Nathan Wesenberg became the first Minnesota Legislator to endorse Trump and was followed by Patriot Representative Ben Davis.

One might think that this unified front is a sign that our Representatives are prepared to fight for the America First agenda and drain the swamp. Unfortunately, they are masquerading as Patriots while doing the bidding of the swamp. Establishment politicians like Tom Emmer, Brad Finstad, Michelle Fischbach, and Pete Stauber are out of touch with grassroots conservatives so they pull off moves like this to deflect attention and fool uninformed voters.

True supporters of Trump and the MAGA movement did not have to wait until he was 49 points ahead of his primary opponents, they supported him the day he announced and even before! It is clear to any impartial observer that Trump will be the GOP nominee and the politicians who have been unwilling to endorse him are either anti-MAGA or just go with the political winds. Being unable to take a stance for yourself is typical deception from crony politicians.

Speaking of which, it is strange that all four MNGOP Congressmen endorsed Trump on the same exact day. This coordinated effort blindfolds voters from their big government voting records and gives them cover from the America First revolution. Crooked politicians only care about re-election and maintaining power, the MNGOP Congressmen have become fully aware that they will not continue to be re-elected if they are anti-Trump RINOs. This desperate endorsement may fool some, but plenty of Patriots see straight through it.

It is clear that they fear primary challengers with conservative credentials that can out-flank them. The most obvious case of this is in CD7 where RINO incumbent Michelle Fischbach faces a primary challenge from Constitutionalist businessman Steve Boyd. This endorsement is meant to fool voters from her safe red district when she has shown no sign that she will truly implement an agenda to Make America Great Again.

Tom Emmer’s endorsement of Trump is perhaps the most embarrassing and humiliating things he has done in his career. While Emmer’s short lived run for Speaker of the House was underway, Trump took to Truth Social to call Tom Emmer a “Globalist RINO” who should not be Speaker. See below:

Emmer is hoping to mask his globalist, establishment record with an endorsement for Trump, despite Trump knowing Emmer is a RINO fool. Trump posted a response to this new endorsement on Truth Social, see below:

Notice how Trump says he will not let our country down (instead of saying I will not let “you” down). Trump will let Emmer and the other RINOs down when he finishes his war on the deep state, ends the globalist agenda, restore clean and proper American elections, and Save America from establishment, corrupt, RINO politicians!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2024-01-04 12:56:32 -0600