RINO Party Leader Michelle Benson Backstabs MNGOP State Delegates!

The MNGOP Establishment demands absolute loyalty from their members and some Establishment RINOs want to kick out people who disagree. That is, up until their chosen candidate loses. Party leaders are required to support candidates that are endorsed by the delegates. The unprincipled RINOs never hold true on their end of the bargain and it continues to widen the divide between the Swamp and the Grassroots.

MNGOP Chair David Hann appointed Michelle Benson as the Constitution & Bylaws Chair to make all the rules for the party. Benson is a former Senator who ran a failed Governor campaign in 2022, with support so abysmal that she withdrew before the State Convention even started! In her role as Constitution & Bylaws Chair, Benson supported several rules that made it easier for the Establishment to KICK OUT grassroots delegates if they are deemed “immoral”! See below:

Even though Benson pretended to be neutral at the 2024 Convention, she showed her true colors by opposing Endorsed Republican Royce White’s campaign by endorsing Liar Joe Fraser. Fraser promised delegates that he would abide by the Party Endorsement. He and Royce were the only major campaigns, so it was well known that Royce would get the endorsement if Joe did not. Fraser has proven himself not to be a man of his word, on top of supporting Globalist Neo-Con endeavors like the pointless Russia-Ukraine war. Minnesota Conservatives care about our US Southern Border and Fraser cares about Ukraine’s border.

Benson’s endorsement of Fraser shows the rot within the unprincipled, anti-grassroots MNGOP leadership. Benson is fighting to stay relevant among an Elitist Class by carrying their water. The endorsement should come as no surprise as Benson was the HHS Committee Chair that refused to fire tyrant Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm during the COVID scam lockdowns. Benson gives her reasoning in this video with many claims that Royce disputes. It is clear that Royce White’s campaign has energized the conservative base with a no nonsense, pro-Freedom message and the Establishment is on the attack! They are beginning to see the threat that Royce poses to the Uniparty! Unfortunately for them, it may be too late!

It is clear that nominating cookie cutter, run of the mill RINOs like Joe Fraser against Amy Klobuchar does NOT work. If we look at her most recent election in 2018, RINO Jim Newberger only got 36% of the vote and was completely obliterated. Why? Because nobody cared about him or his lackluster, weak-kneed, moderate campaign! Newberger went on to carpetbag into SD10 and run for the State Senate however he got LAST PLACE in the primary with now Senator Nathan Wesenberg pulling out the win.

Local Republicans must demand their party leadership support Endorsed GOP candidates up and down the ticket. When Conventions are rigged, like the CD6 Convention, the Establishment will always line up behind a Globalist RINO like Tom Emmer. But when an unorthodox fighter like Royce White is endorsed, the Establishment shows they only support the process when it works out for them! 

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