RINO Ron Kresha Fails Again to Get Republican Endorsement

Republicans in House District 10A held their endorsing convention on Saturday. Six-term incumbent representative Ron Kresha was challenged by political newcomer Diane Webb-Skillings. After several rounds of voting, delegates voted to not endorse either candidate, meaning that the nominee will be decided in a primary election.

The Republican endorsement is made by elected delegates at the BPOU level and comes with party backing, funds, and lists. Instead of a top-down nomination process, local Republicans who work real jobs can make their voice heard.

Webb-Skillings, an accountant and farmer from Aitkin, challenged Kresha for the Republican Endorsement. Forcing an incumbent representative to lose his endorsement is no small feat. In 2022, Kresha also failed to secure the Republican Endorsement.

In fact, Kresha lost the Republican endorsement in 2022 even after the establishment leaders in the BPOU tried to help him. After the first round of ballots were cast, it took three hours for the BPOU to count them. It's very possible that they knew Kresha would lose, so they stalled as long as they could. Delegates eventually gave up and the convention adjourned with no endorsement.

But why is Ron Kresha so bad? Why does the establishment need to work so hard to save his reelection bids?

In 2021, Kresha worked with Democrats to introduce HF 2409, a bill that would give $5 million for granting legal status to illegal immigrants. With unprecedented levels of immigration on the southern border, this issue resonated with delegates and led them to reject their incumbent representative.

In a speech to delegates, Kresha was also forced to explain his vote that condemned the January 6th protestors. Delegates were referencing HR 1 in 2021, which can be read here. He falsely claimed that all Republicans voted for the resolution, when Representatives Backer, Bahr, Drazkowski, Green, Grossell, Heinrich, Mekeland, and Mortensen all voted against it. In addition, Bahr and Drazkowski endorsed Kresha's opponent, Webb-Skillings.

The Republican nominee will be determined by a primary election, which will take place on August 13th. The nominee will be nearly guaranteed to win in November. Ron Kresha ran unopposed in 2022 and won with 77% of the vote in 2020.

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