RNC Tips the Scale for RINO Chris Christie; Rigging Debate Process

This is a colorful opinion piece by MAGA Jesse

The RNC is rigging the debate process to allow former New Jersey Governor Chris Krispie Kream to remain on stage despite his failure to meet debate criteria.

Was a DeSantis Super PAC used to keep Christie on the stage? Why was a last minute Trafalgar poll released that inflated Christie’s numbers? Why is Ronna Romney and the RNC leadership rigging the GOP primary?

Party leaders and a party as a whole have an obligation to treat candidates fairly with unbiased procedures. Rules are not meant to apply selectively, they should be applied consistently and in pattern with proper procedure. When the leadership of a party shows special interest in assisting a candidate, it reeks with corruption.

The RNC has released the names of invited participants for the fourth debate in a press release put out on the night of December 4th. Included in this were the expected three: Vivek, DeSantis, and Nikki Haley.

Despite all trackers finding Chris Christie as not qualified, his name appeared on this list. This is a move that RINOs are hoping gets silently swept under the rug, but this is corruption at its finest and it needs to be exposed. This is hardly the first time the RNC has pulled these stunts; We previously reported how they rigged the first debate against Larry Elder and Perry Johnson and exposed it on The Truth Hurts months ago.

The fourth debate qualification rules are the most difficult yet and requires the following parameters be met:

  1. Constitutionally eligible candidate with active campaign
  2. Sign Beat Biden Pledge (Support eventual GOP nominee no matter who)
  3. Sign Pledge to only compete in RNC sanctioned debates
  4. Get 6% in two national polls or 6% in one national poll and two statewide polls at 6% from two different states
  5. 80,000 individual donors

In the case of Chris Christie, he has publicly stated (even on previous debate stages) that he would not support President Trump as the GOP nominee. This means he illegitimately signed the Beat Biden Pledge, deceiving the RNC and voters.

Politico has been producing the best debate qualifying tracker in the nation because the RNC has been very skittish in defining rules and polling parameters. This has forced the media and pollsters to analyze the results without guidance. In essence, lazy RNC leadership did not want to be transparent so they could tilt the scale when need be. But even Politico has been too generous in this round of polling.

Chris Christie’s poll numbers are near zero in almost any national or statewide poll in this country. He has no grassroots support and is just a media-created mouthpiece for the RINO Never Trump movement. Christie has a small level of support in New Hampshire because Democrats can vote in GOP primaries there, and he has had polls put him over the statewide polling requirements. However, this would still not qualify him for the debate and he would need another state at 6% or two national polls at 6%. Unfortunately for Krispie Kream, even a measly 6% support for him is delusional. 

Christie was poised to be excluded from the debate stage, and still should be, until three fake national polls saved the day for him. The first of which was commissioned by FairVote but conducted by WPA Intelligence, who is working for Never Back Down, the Super PAC for Ron DeSantis. RNC debate rules stipulated that polls don’t count if they are “conducted by a polling company affiliated with a candidate or candidate committee.” The RNC previously used this criteria to keep a poll Larry Elder submitted out of the running. Politico did not find the poll to be qualified for their tracker. What benefit does DeSantis have in keeping Christie on the stage? Is there a secret alliance between their campaigns? Why has the RNC treated their campaigns so favorably.

The second fake poll was conducted by the Trafalgar Group and was released on December 2nd right before Christie had no chance of qualifying. This national poll magically found 6.3% of idiots claiming to support Chris Christie. They also may have used unallowed means of methodology, as Trafalgar uses methods not allowed under RNC rules. We are supposed to believe it is a coincidence that Christie qualified at the last minute and not a grand conspiracy… Give me a break.

The third fake poll was done by YouGov and a website called the "Liberal Patriot". This poll was conducted by left wing activists and ran from September 7th-18th. RNC debate rules stated that all qualifying polls must be conducted on or after September 15th. This means that this poll is in very clear violation and cannot be counted. This poll and the Trafalgar poll are included on Politico's tracking document.

The RNC bent their debate rules for DeSantis in a debate against California Communist Gavin Newsom. Candidates were supposed to only participate in GOP primary debates, but if the establishment wants to see DeSantis play grab-ass with Sean Hannity and Gavin Newsom for a Fox News puppet show, no problem at all.

We always knew polls were fake and are curated to create the desired result of a given client. In this case, RINOs like DeSantis and Ronna Romney find it advantageous to have an obnoxious, irrelevant, anti-MAGA, double-speaking candidate like Chris Christie on the stage. If the RNC and Christie have other polls that they are using instead of these, why are they hiding the results of them from voters?

Despite the previous three GOP debates being far from impressive, they are historically worth millions of dollars in free advertising and can make or break campaigns. Trump’s lack of involvement in the debates has weakened the credibility of the RNC and the other candidates. While it is the kids table of Republican politics, rigged processes must be called out and fought. We must call on the RNC to revoke the invitation to Chris Christie because he has failed in multiple areas to meet the debate criteria. Now is the time to draw the line against the rule-breaking RINOs!

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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-12-05 08:58:33 -0600