School Transitions Young Girl Without Parental Consent, Settles for $100k in Lawsuit

A California school is coughing up $100,000 in a settlement with a parent who was suing the school district for transitioning her daughter without her consent or knowledge. The young girl was 11 at the time of the incident.

According to the lawsuit, the Spreckels Union School District started referring to the girl in male pronouns and allowed her to use the boys bathroom unbeknownst to Jessica Konen, the mother. Konen said that she was notified after the fact, which led to her filing a lawsuit against the school district.

Her daughter has since decided to identify again as a girl.

(Jessica and her daughter / Source: Fox News)

This case highlights the fear that so many concerned parents have with the radical left's LGTB agenda that's progressively being directed at young children. In Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz and the Democrat legislature passed a bill that allows a child to receive hormone treatment or genital mutilation surgery even if one of the parent's does not consent. One could imagine that pro-groomers view the mother in this California case as the villain.




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