Sen Abeler Says He's the Reason Jan Malcom Wasn't Fired

State Senator Jim Abeler (R-Anoka) told a crowd of thousands of medical freedom supporters that he was "good friends" with Governor Walz' Dept of Health Commissioner Jan Malcom and was the reason she wasn't fired in the last 18 months. Conservatives across the state have demanded the firing of Malcolm by Senate Republicans for her gross mishandling of the COVID pandemic and for attacking small businesses in courts. Several of Walz' Commissioners have not been confirmed by the Republican Senate, which means at any point, they could be removed from office.

"Someone calling for commissioner Malcom to step down or be removed is not new, but someone like me calling for that is new" Senator Abeler boasted. "She is my friend. I have defended her. I have known her for over 20 years. I resisted calls for her removal."


Groups like Action 4 Liberty, Rocks and Cows and others have demanded that Malcolm be fired by the Senate. But those calls fell on deaf ears in the Republican controlled Senate for reasons unknown to us. It appears Jim Abeler was the one allowing her to keep her job. And he has quite a bit of pull in the Senate caucus since he chairs the Human Services Committee.

Sen Abeler also refuses to sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates Pledge, which states a legislator won't vote for the $250 Million Frontline Workers Pay Bill in the September Special Session unless it has Rep Mortensen's Stop Vaccine Mandates Amendment attached to it. Instead, Abeler said he wanted to use Jan Malcolm's confirmation as a leverage point for getting a Stop Vaccine Mandate bill passed, which is good, but not a better negotiating stance. Quite frankly, Jan Malcolm should be fired regardless!

Call Senator Jim Abeler and tell him to apologize for not firing Jan Malcolm a year ago. Tell him to apologize for letting Governor's Walz Small Business Hitman to drag heroes like Larvita and Jane into endless legal fees for opening up their businesses. And tell Jim Abeler to do the right thing and sign the Stop Vaccine Mandates pledge NOW!

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