Senate Republicans to Defy Walz' Mask Mandate in Senate Chamber

Senate Republicans are poised to remove a mask wearing policy in the Senate chambers in defiance of Governor Walz' universal mask mandate. KTOE quotes Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka, “We are gonna allow everybody to be back on the Senate floor in your normal seat, if you want to.  So we’re not gonna require it, but if you want to you may, and masks will be optional.”

Walz announced last week that he is extending his Emergency Powers for the summer, and may eventually remove the mask mandate in July, despite COVID cases dropping significantly and 60% of Minnesotans being vaccinated. It's crystal clear that the Governor is inappropriately using his Emergency Powers to garner a better budget deal with Republicans.

The Senate's defiance of the Governor's order is excellent. If politicians at the Capitol are not following the orders, businesses in Minnesota should also be relieved of enforcement actions by Walz' Dept of Health.

Unfortunately, Senate Republicans aren't going hard enough in the paint. Gazelka is meeting behind closed doors with Tim Walz right now, on the cusp of passing a $54 Billion budget which would fund Walz' government agencies. Several businesses in Minnesota are currently under attack by the Attorney General and the Dept of Health for alleged violations of Walz' unilateral orders. That's why its critically important that Gazelka and Senate Republicans REFUSE to pass a budget until the Never Again Bill is passed. It's the only way to ensure that Walz' Emergency Powers come to an end and the people of Minnesota are spared from further assaults on their liberties.


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  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-14 12:36:23 -0500
    Pat Nius, I thought we were done. LOL.

    You suggest I’m either “morally inferior” or “intellectually inferior.” Let’s take the moral piece first. You know “perfectly well” that I have always been about doing what we can to protect those around us during this time. Meanwhile you admit you and those of your ilk are NOT about that.

    So, please, tell me: How does that make ME “morally inferior?”

    To the “intellectually inferior” piece: You keep parroting the same rhetoric over and over and over. You can repeat the same unfounded lines 10, 100, 1,000 times. Unfortunately, without evidence to back it up, it won’t make it any less wrong.

    You seem to be false-equivocating agreement with understanding, or somehow want to suggest that the ONLY reason I’m not agreeing with you is because I don’t “get it.” Trust me, I get it.

    What YOU don’t seem to get is that your main argument is based off a false axiom. You keep asserting (without evidence) that what Walz has been doing is “illegal according to the plain language of our constitution.”

    I have corrected you SEVERAL times now. You simply hand-wave it away and repeat your false axiom.

    Since it’s apparent you did not bother to review my citation(s), I’ll quote right from your local paper:

    “‘The COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an act of nature that provides the Governor with the basis to declare a peacetime state of emergency,’ District Judge Thomas Gilligan wrote.” – Star Tribune


    Or should I say “intellectually inferior?”

    And I shouldn’t even HAVE to go into why Walz will retain some powers past the mask mandate ending (which is indeed going to happen sooner, so you should be estatic). I leave that as a mental exercise for you.

    Now, if you have REAL proof that the courts are wrong, please feel free to present that. I’ll be honest – if you were to present evidence supporting your assertion, I would be willing to reconsider.

    But if all you’re going to do is repeat-repeat-repeat the same lines, projecting your OWN shortcomings onto me (btw, I didn’t know it was against your rules to cite fallacies outside the basic logical ones – lol), then let’s get one thing right:

    This is NOT Social Studies class, and I am NOT your student.
  • Pat Nius
    commented 2021-05-14 10:33:28 -0500
    J Bird needs a new straw man, I don’t think this one has any stuffing left. We’re not about the “simple act to protect those around your” (the mask mandate), we’re talking about the larger issue of Walz’s emergency powers, which are still in place and will NOT end July first. And are illegal according to the plain language of our constitution.

    J Bird either know this and is trying to change the subject, making him a liar (morally inferior, like most hyper-partisan trolls), or he doesn’t understand our arguments well enough to engage them intelligently (intellectually inferior).

    I will agree on one thing. J Bird is an excellent example of Dunning-Kruger phenomenon.
  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-13 06:51:12 -0500
    Amazing how one, simple act to protect those around you has grown into such a hot-button conspriacy theory – espoused by those who would call you their “intellectual and moral superiors.” Saying it is somehow illegal.

    And why is it that it is illegal? Oh, because they say so?? Riiiiight.

    And why are they your “intellectual and moral superiors?” Oh, because they say so?? Riiiiight.

    Dunning–Kruger, anyone?

    Whether you agree with the mandate or not, one thing is inescapable: Its coming to an end. Not getting the vaccine? Fine. Getting the vaccine, great! You have the freedom to choose.

    The mandate ends July 1 regardless, so there are no ‘conditions.’ BUT, if you truly embrace “Action,” getting the vaccine will end it faster.
  • Pat Nius
    commented 2021-05-12 14:38:10 -0500
    One of the rules of a free society is that ONE GUY doesn’t get to MAKE said rules. We have a legislature for that. Or we did, until our local courts abdicated their responsibility to rein in our governor’s overreach. But J Bird is SO concerned about the rules, isn’t he? (Or maybe he’s just a DFL troll who will defend anything his side does. You decide.)

    It’s another dumb straw man argument anyways. Not that I need to point this out to the intelligent reader, but refusing to obey an illegal order is not an endorsement of general anarchy. J Bird’s getting hysterical. Which has been the worst part of this pandemic, namely, the fact that self-important fools now think they can lecture their intellectual and moral superiors about it.

    Get the vaccine if you think it’s a good idea, but don’t accept it as a condition of having your freedom restored. If your rights can be revoked that easily, you have none.
  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-12 07:24:38 -0500
    Jake Duesenberg, any free society MUST have rules to function. If people are allowed to “get away with it” because they simply don’t agree with the rules or its inconveient, everything would fall into disorder. That includes the senate as well as those businesses that risked lives flouting the LEGALLY imposed rules:

    You break the rules, you should be held accountable. End of story.

    But, hey, this is “Action 4 Liberty,” right? You push people to take action to win liberty, right? Great. Here’s your chance:

    GET THE VACCINE! Once your state reaches 70% the mask mandate ends. For the whole state.

    The time for you to act is NOW! Roll up your sleeves and get going! You can do it! I beleive in you!
  • Shannon Fisher
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