State House Unanimously Passes Strange, Anti-Free Speech “Deep Fake” Bill

Should you go to prison and pay fines if you make a computer generated fake video or photo of a politician? According to the MN House Swamp, yes. According to a bill passed unanimously in the Minnesota House yesterday, an individual could be fined $10,000 and spend up to 5 years in prison for creating what is known as a "deep fake."

While Minnesotans are struggling under high taxes, big government, wasteful spending, and corrupt politicians who refuse to return our overtaxed Surplus money, the State House has decided to pass a bill that limits speech.

It is fair to say that there are issues as it relates to deep fakes like the fake images of Trump’s arrest, phony Joe Rogan AI conversations, the Pope in a puffy jacket photo, ChatGPT, and other things. However, this is not an issue that the MN Legislature can solve or should even try to solve.

(Deep fake image of Trump being arrested by NYPD - obviously not real)

HF1370 is a bill that makes “Deep Fake” images, videos, and sound illegal in the state of Minnesota as it relates to sexual images and “influencing elections.” This issue is not black and white, it requires a lot of nuance and allowance of speech, even speech you find untruthful. 

Nobody is against allowing victims of deep fake sexual images or videos to have legal options in dealing with the criminal who caused the dissemination of said image/video. 

However, the second section HF1370 relates to "influencing elections" and the gray area is extremely apparent. Who can define what "influencing an election" really is? Corrupt prosecutors and judges?

Rep. Anne Neu Brindley (RINO-HD28B) offered the A6 Amendment to this bill which would slightly improve this terrible bill by requiring stricter interpretations of this law as it relates to images. The Amendment failed by a voice vote because neither Neu or any of her colleagues requested a recorded roll call vote. She wasn't serious about it. See the language below:

The Representatives sat back and had some laughs at deep fake images of current or former Legislators, seeing the absurdity in some cases. Neu Brindley had a certain love and affection for a literature piece that Democrats created, depicting liberty champion Erik Mortensen as the “village idiot” of the Capitol. Nasty Neu Brindley suggested that there was no issue with that image because “it’s accurate and true!" See below:

The unanimous vote and laughter in the Chamber shows that it's all a big dog and pony show for these clowns. The real truth is that RINOs like Anne Neu Brindley would rather have a GOP Minority than a GOP Majority with Mort! The upside is that he still lives rent-free in these RINOs’ heads!

This bill limits the free speech of regular individuals to create images using photo-shop and other editing tools. A not so-politically involved young individual, with advanced editing skills, could wind up in legal trouble for creating a "deep fake" if its lands in the window of 90 days before an election and people are too dumb to understand it's not real.

Has a crime REALLY occurred here?

Free speech is a protected right. Contact your Senator and tell them to oppose this anti-First Amendment bill! We cannot allow politicians to steamroll us by telling us what we can and cannot say! It is up to Patriots like you and I to save our Constitution and state!

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