State Leg. Special Election Shows Opportunity to Humble Big Government Democrats

With the abrupt resignation of Democrat State Representative Ruth Richardson on September 1st, Minnesota 52B will see a special election to fill the seat on December 5th. Richardson served as regional director of Planned Parenthood while simultaneously legislating on their behalf. 

A field of candidates have announced their intentions to replace her, including four Democrats, a Republican, and a Libertarian. 

Those Democrats compete for the nomination in a primary election on November 16th. They include liberal activist Chris Whitfield, Mendota Heights City Councilman Jay Miller, District 196 School Board member Bianca Virnig, and Democrat legislative aide Cynthia Callais. From a quick glance at their campaign websites, all candidates campaign on “progressive” efforts to make Minnesota’s government even bigger and more wasteful. 

Cynthia Callais appears to be an early frontrunner for the Democrat nomination, raking in endorsements from far-left Democrats like Representative Heather Edelson and Senator Scott Dibble.

The Republican candidate, Cynthia Lonnquist, was the GOP nominee for 52B in 2022, losing the seat to Richardson by a large 23.5% margin. As of writing, her 2022 campaign website was not active. A 2022 voter guide says that she campaigned on creating "The BEST Economy," "The BEST Education," and "The BEST and Safest communities."

Libertarian candidate Charles Kuchlenz, on the other hand, does have a website that is available and accessible. His campaign appears to focus on “fiscal responsibility, limited government, and education choice,” things that are sorely lacking in Minnesota’s current bureaucratic apparatus. According to his X (formerly Twitter) account, he is a Navy Veteran.

Despite early predictions for this left-leaning legislative seat, anything can happen in a special election. Now that voters have seen what far-left Democrats can do with total and complete control of the government, they may have second thoughts about sending another one to St. Paul.

Since taking over the state, Minnesota Democrats have: 


  • PASSED red flag laws.
  • RAISED and CREATED new taxes.
  • SPENT the record-shattering $21 billion taxpayer surplus.
  • ELIMINATED any kind of remaining protections for the unborn.
  • CREATED a dystopian “bias registry” to track unfavorable speech.
  • AND so much more…


Now is the opportunity for voters to voice their opinions on these ridiculous policies. Should voters choose to reject the leftist candidate for this seat, it would send an overwhelming message to Democrats in the 2024 legislative session – stop the socialist games, or lose re-election.


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  • Tucker Hittesdorf
    commented 2023-09-28 12:41:54 -0500
    I’m putting my money on Charles. People tend to respect veterans, especially war veterans. If the MNGOP is smart, they’ll endorse the Libertarian candidate. MNGOP picks always lose.
  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-09-27 16:15:20 -0500