The Gazelka Sellout - Budget Deal with Walz

Governor Walz and Senate "Republican" Majority Leader Paul Gazelka held a joint press conference earlier today announcing they came to an agreement on the amount of your tax money to spend for the next two years. Missing in the details was the status of Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers, which only can be removed by passage of the Never Again Bill

Not surprisingly, the deal grows government by BILLIONS. And it funds Walz' government agencies to attack our businesses.

In one massive sellout, Gazelka stopped short of announcing that Walz' Emergency Powers would be terminated and the Never Again bill will be passed into law.

It's because of these weak, feckless Republicans like Gazelka and Republican Senators that we continue to choke on a massive growth in government without passing the Never Again Bill.

Clearly Gazelka is not actually serious about fighting for freedom and conservatives.

However, the budget bills have not been inked yet.

And that's because of YOU!

Your phone calls, emails and donations have made a significant impact. If you did nothing, Gazelka would've cowered to Walz months ago. But now he is treading lightly and we can't let up!

They adjourned Sine Die (meaning, the session is over). Anything further is done in a Special Session. Well over a month ago, we set the goal to Stop the Budget until the Never Again Bill is passed. With the help of our large network of supporters, we were successful on the first half of our goal. We Stopped the Budget...for now.

Next step is to get them to pass the Never Again Bill and end Walz' emergency powers.

The good thing with Stopping the Budget now is that we still have even more time to pressure senators to get the Never Again Bill passed. Our insiders at the Capitol tell us that they'll be back on June 14th for the final showdown. So we don't have a lot of time. We MUST stop the Gazelka Sellout from happening!

Action 4 Liberty is happy to report that we'll be hiring nine young liberty professionals this summer to double down on our efforts. And we're putting the finishing touches on our brand new headquarters, which greatly enhances our ability to take the fight to the corrupt politicians. Please help us continue this amazing growth!



Walz' plan is to keep his Emergency Powers as long as he can, which opens the door to vaccine passports. He's already talking about forcing masks on people who aren't vaccinated. How would he know who isn't vaccinated without an identification system?

So if Walz isn't stopped now by Gazelka and the Republicans, we are in for a bumpy ride.

That's why it's more critical than ever that you get into this battle in every way possible. 

  • Call & email your senator and tell them NO BUDGET until the Never Again Bill is law. Even if you've already done it. Do it again.
  • Tell everyone you know to sign the End Emergency Powers petition HERE to get more people in this fight.
  • Donate to the effort so we can hire more liberty fighters on the ground everywhere in Minnesota. 


Of course Walz' push is all anti-science, anti-data. Florida and Texas haven't been mandating masks for months and they are doing great! Shouldn't we see the bodies of the unvaccinated Floridians and Texans lying on the streets?!

This COVID Con by Walz has gone on long enough. And I'm afraid that Unilateral Emergency Powers won't only be used for this current pandemic. If Gazelka sells out and doesn't pass the Never Again Bill, Walz can abuse emergency powers again for gasoline shortages, flu breakouts and the inevitable future civil unrest in the metro.

We at Action 4 Liberty are making long term investments RIGHT NOW to protect liberty for our next generations. Our team continues to see Unilateral Emergency Powers as the biggest threat to liberty. So we are doubling down.

Hiring young, liberty professionals to work the phones, get out and door knock and run our operations means we bring a bigger fight to the table. 


Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-05-17 18:30:55 -0500