These Politicians Joke About Your Liberties

The political class would like you, the grassroots conservative, to believe that Republicans and Democrats are sparring in Washington D.C. and in St. Paul. They will tell you that they are powerless to stop the crooked Democrats because they simply have more power.

What if we told you that they are all really friends?

It probably does not surprise you, but it is truly appalling at how blatant they make it. The left-wing Minnesota Reformer just reported about a cutesy exchange between Democrats Kelly Moeller and Jamie Becker-Finn with Republican Peggy Scott in the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

When discussing a bill that would regulate the price of concert tickets, several Taylor Swift lyrics were exchanged back and forth. Here’s what the Reformer said in a newsletter:

“The hearing was filled with references to Swift songs and lyrics — which land with Swift fans in the room, and no one else —before the committee moved the bill on to the commerce committee.

‘Representative Scott, why do you gotta be so mean?’ Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn said at one point. 

‘I can tolerate it,’ Moller responded. 

‘There really is no bad blood,’ Becker-Finn continued. ‘Sorry not sorry.’

When writing this story, Action 4 Liberty President Erik Mortensen needed to be told that these were references to Swift’s music.

On its face, this exchange should not mean much to you. However, it gives you a peak behind the scenes of what Republicans and Democrats in St. Paul really think of each other. For the most part, they are all buddies trying to help each other out. 

Even when House Republicans had limited leverage last year with bonding bill negotiations (HF 669), most Republicans voted to approve the second that it made it to the floor – while getting nothing in return. No emergency powers restrictions, no tax cuts – nothing! See how your representative voted here.

These politicians think robbing you of your liberty and trampling on the free market is a giant joke. Then, they joke and laugh about it. That's how evil these people really are.


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