Uncovered: Tim Walz' Support of the Globalist - World Economic Forum

“You will own nothing and be happy.” “You will eat bugs.” “Your every move will be tracked.” “The United States will not be the superpower of the world, globalist countries will.”

There are evil forces in the world that want people to be slaves for their government. The WEF is perhaps the biggest enemy we have in this fight. They are anti-America, anti-freedom, and anti-human.

We have witnessed the destruction of our state thanks to Tim Walz. Rioting, crime, mandates, high taxes, and withholding surplus money from taxpayers are all thanks to Walz. Many have suspected Walz is a globalist with special interests puppeteering him, we can now confirm this fact.

Along with his love of China and the CCP, Tim Walz is an avid supporter of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s mission and goals! This was uncovered by digging into Walz’ days in the US Congress.

Walz was one of 59 co-sponsors for HR1148 which was titled “Expressing support for the mission and goals of the World Economic Forum.” This Resolution was a perfect way for the WEF to locate their pawns to implement an anti-freedom agenda. See the full text below:

This globalist Resolution is filled with so many lies and misrepresentations of the WEF. It suggests that the WEF is supporting human advancement, partnership, peace, and prosperity! This Resolution even goes as far as to “honor and congratulate Klaus Schwab '' as well as the WEF’s 40th Anniversary! 

Tim Walz’ true intentions are coming to the surface and we can now battle him as the adversary he truly is. Walz is a tyrant who wants to impose a radical Communist agenda and control We The People. We cannot give up in this fight or everything we love will be gone. 

Never concede an inch to these authoritarians, our freedom is on the line!


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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-02-07 17:40:49 -0600