Young Man's Unfair Gun Case Goes to Pre-Trial

Sherburn County resident Walker Anderson’s firearm case went to pre-trial on Friday. Walker is currently under vicious prosecution from his county for exercising his 2nd Amendment Right to responsibly assemble and use a firearm.

The county first went after the 20-year-old when he was target shooting with a friend. The sheriff’s deputy determined that he was shooting responsibly, but then noticed that his firearm did not have a serial number. This is because Walker built his firearm in accordance with ATF standards. Despite this, the county detained and charged him.

Our team first wrote about Walker’s unfair prosecution back in June. Since then, he graduated from Hennepin Technical College and is on his way to the workforce. His mother, Sara, told our team that the trial will continue on August 18th.

We sat down with Sarah in June for an interview, which you can watch here. You can help Walker with his legal funds by going to Give Send Go.


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