Walz Moving to Force Mask Wearing

As our country is about to celebrate our independence from tyranny, a historic moment in the movement of individual liberty, the headlines in Minnesota read "Walz Considering Mask Mandate". First our governor shuts down "non-essential" businesses. Then he orders the healthy part of our population to quarantine. Now he wants to force us to wear a mask?

Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic where powers are separated amongst a legislature and executive, with the law-making power completely nested in the legislative branch (the voice of the people). The Constitution gave the new government limited powers, expressly written in the Articles. Then to further protect us against an out-of-control government, they passed a Bill of Rights that protected us from infringements of our natural rights.

So where on earth does Governor Walz believe he has the power to compel us to wear masks?

Our opposition to the mask mandate is not a position on the effectiveness of wearing masks. Certainly there will be virtue signalers out there accusing us of being "anti-science" or the reason "people will die". Our position is strictly against a government forced mandate. However, it's understandable for a person to question the idea of masks mandates on a scientific basis.

We learned a couple weeks ago that the nation's foremost pandemic expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, lied to the American people about the effectiveness of wearing masks. Minnesota's infectious disease expert, Dr Michael Osterholm, who leads the University of Minnesota's Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, told WCCO:

We know that the virus can be transmitted by what we call air assaults, its the tiniest of particles. If anything comes in along the side of the mask or escapes that way, then it really minimizes both to protection for the individual who used the mask or the protection for others so that if I'm infected, I don't transmit to them. That's when you get into the surgical masks and to the cloth masks. And quite honestly, the data for both is lacking that they are major impediments, and he's getting infected or infecting others.

On top of that, the science seems to suggest that UV light kills COVID-19, which is possibly why the spread of the virus has reduced in the summer months of Minnesota. Would a mask mandate outdoors even make sense?

The whole point in separations of power and a Constitution is that concentrated, centralized power is too dangerous to put in the hands of one person. That individual might be wrong. Allowing Walz to continue exercising these illegal powers is detrimental to our liberty. We saw what power in the hands of one person lead to throughout the 20th Century. This is not the course we want to go down.

Action 4 Liberty opposes Governor Walz excessive and illegal use of emergency powers. Our mission is to preserve liberty for the next generation. Sign our petition to terminate Walz' emergency powers today!


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2020-06-30 19:39:08 -0500