Walz Just Said He's Keeping the Mask Mandate

Governor Walz is a tyrant. He believes he is above the law. And his so-called plan to "follow the science" is the biggest con ever played on Minnesota. There's no science suggesting masks have any utility in stopping the spread of COVID outdoors, but he continues on with his unilateral mandate.

Today Walz dialed up our allowable freedoms when he mentioned that there is a path later this summer to remove COVID restrictions. In other words, he is keeping his Emergency Powers and continuing to force you to wear a mask.

Walz' Unilateral Emergency Powers are a huge problem because the judicial system in Minnesota has thrown out our Constitution and enforced Walz' illegal orders in the courts. It's created legal nightmares for people like Jane, Lisa, and Larvita. And it's put Lisa Hanson in handcuffs. In order to STOP our government and judicial system from infringing on our rights any longer, it's critically important to pass the Never Again Bill immediately!

Unfortunately, weak Republicans at the Capitol are not putting up an iron wall against Walz' tyrannical powers. In response to Walz' announcement today, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said "My reaction today is simple: Not good enough and not soon enough. The emergency is over and the mandates need to end . . . The Governor continues to lead alone, ignoring our suggestions and the suggestions of the businesses and medical community to find any compromise- especially on the mask mandate."

But what is Gazelka actually doing for Minnesotans to stop Walz? Just two days ago he released the Republicans demands about the state budget and failed to list passing the Never Again Bill as one of the items. He didn't even call for Ending Walz' Emergency Powers. This is outrageous!

Gazelka and Senate Republicans MUST REFUSE to pass a budget with Democrats until the Never Again Bill is passed so Walz' Emergency Powers are terminated for good. If they don't, then the legislature will adjourn for the summer with Walz' powers intact and our rights continually violated. 

It's critically important that you contact your state senator immediately. Demand he or she does not vote for a final budget until the Never Again Bill is passed. We can't let Governor Walz continue his Unilateral Emergency Powers forever. 


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  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-10 14:04:18 -0500
    Pat Nius, do you ACTUALLY think you’re winning this?? ‘Crack my facade?!’ Really??

    Now, to continue your attempt at making me the ‘bad guy,’ you go off on another tangent about psychology?? I get that no one is the “villian” in their own story, but come ON!

    PLEASE, oh PLEASE play armchair phyicatrist with me! Seeing how you “know” me better than I even know myself – even confirming things I ‘said’ without having actually SAID them. Or confirming I hold certain opinions that I don’t ACTUALLY hold, or ‘think’ things I didnt ACTUALLY think. Saying I supposedly need more education??

    Oh, I don’t need a degree to figure YOU out.

    I’m curious: What is your actual definition of “arguing in good faith?” I guess I always thought it to be structured, being honest with self and others while being able to BACK UP what ever argument you brought up.

    Or – is your definition more like this example:

    Pat – Walz is a tyrant!
    Me – But what he did was done with due legal dilegence to protect people (shows mulitple citations).
    Pat – Walz is trampling on our “constitutional rights (shows no citation, since that is somehow ‘changing the subject’)!” Your merit-filled, evidence-backed arguments are hereby irrevelent.
    Me – Oh! Wow. Aw, gee, I guess you showed me. I give up! You win!

    Sound about right?

    I think we’re done here. The fact you admit you are “not playing” by providing evidence to back your claims – including the most recent line that “they’ve already proven [Walz orders] to be far more dangerous [than the virus]” – shows you are not willing to play FAIR. That simply shows that you have no basis for the argument in the first place, and ignore repeated calls for evidence becuase you HAVE no evidence.

    But, you know what? I’ll ask one final time even though you already said you werent playing: To your last unfounded assertion: Who are “they” – the ones that proved Walz orders are more dangerous than the virus. Can you at least back THAT up? I can hear the crickets already..

    Add to the fact you missed that I actually had called out AlphaNews more than I called out Jake Duesenberg in my initial post, but went ahead and claimed I was strawmanning Jake when you knew “perfectly well” I wasn’t basically makes you blantantly dishonest at this point – and we’re done.

    But hey, good news! You and your colleagues NOW have the power to end the mask mandate completely. Get out there, roll up your sleve and GET THE VACCINE! The sooner you do it, the sooner it ends. You want to take action to win back our ‘freedom,’ right?? Heres your chance! Get going!
  • Pat Nius
    commented 2021-05-10 09:20:41 -0500
    Didn’t take much to crack J Bird’s pseudo-intellectual facade, did it? “Projection” is a psychological defense mechanism, not one of the classic logical fallacies. Someone flunked either Psych 101 or Logic 101, or possibly both. A little remedial education might be in order.

    And it’s amusing how he likes to respond to charges of a fallacious argument by doubling down on his original error. Now we’re supposed to get into a discussion of the article’s headline, when it’s obvious to anyone reading the article that it’s about Walz not giving up his emergency powers. More distraction and misdirection. What’s next, a detailed critique of the website’s color scheme?

    It’s the same doubling-down with the demand for “citations”. Already explained that, not playing. Of course he ignores that and just repeats himself. Trolling, not arguing in good faith.

    And we end with another troll tactic, which is a variant of the “straw man” fallacy: mischaracterizing your opponent’s concerns as trivial or unimportant. Concerns about very serious – and ongoing – abrogations of our constitutional rights are not “whining” or “crying”, regardless of J Bird’s childish language. At this rate Walz’s emergency powers will be with us a lot longer than the virus…and they’ve already proven to be far more dangerous.
  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-07 16:00:12 -0500
    Pat Nius, no need to reference the latin phrase for “straw man.” If you’re guilty of any fallacy right now its a projection fallacy – where you are casting your own shortcomings onto me and playing the victim.

    Nice try.

    But, to be fair, you are also asserting that I am somehow strawmanning Jake Duesenberg, knowing “perfectly well” that the point of his article wasn’t about the mask mandate."

    Hmmmm, then care to explain why the TITLE of the article is: “Walz Just Said He’s Keeping the Mask Mandate”

    Let’s look at it again:

    “Walz Just Said He’s Keeping the Mask Mandate”

    Hmmm, sure seems like he’s attempting to mislead his readers about the MASK MANDATE right off the bat. If his “point” is something OTHER THAN the mandate, then why is the MANDATE reflected in the title of the article?!? SMH..

    As for Part 2, it has NOTHING to do with “changing the subject.” It has to do with your UNfounded claim that Walz orders are illegal. As we already have a reputable citation showing Walz orders ARE legal, it means YOU need to provide proof (which I have now asked you for no fewer than FIVE TIMES) to back up your claim.

    To sum it up: Any claim MADE without evidence can be REJECTED without evidence.

    But hey, good news! You and your colleagues NOW have the power to end the mask mandate completely. Get out there, roll up your sleve and GET THE VACCINE! The sooner you do it, the sooner it ends. You have been whining, ranting and crying about wanting to take action. Heres your chance! Get to it!
  • Gerri Caple
    commented 2021-05-07 14:56:12 -0500
    Do not agree to anything until the never again bill is passed.
  • Pat Nius
    commented 2021-05-07 12:04:15 -0500
    J Bird’s a good lesson in how to recognize a troll. Textbook, really. His latest comment is an example of the “straw man” argument, where you mischaracterize an opponent’s argument and then attack it. (Super-intellectual that he is, he’ll probably Google the Latin name of the fallacy and then throw that into his response.) In this case he accuses Jake of not recognizing that the restrictions are being loosened, and then gives us a citation to prove that they are. Which is completely besides the point, since Jake isn’t arguing that the restrictions AREN’T being loosened, he’s arguing that we need to end the governor’s ability to impose these restrictions in the first place.

    In part 2, we see another common troll tactic, the constant demand for citations. Again this an attempt to change the subject. If you fall for it he’ll just respond with a bunch of ad hominems against your sources, regardless of who they are. It’s a time-wasting technique, not a good faith request for information.

    But it bears repeating (especially since it apparently bugs Mr. Troll so much): Walz’s foolish executive orders are a clear and continuing abuse of Minnesota’s emergency powers statute, in addition to being unconstitutional under Federal law. We won’t forget it and we won’t just give up and let it become the “new normal”.
  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-06 16:29:00 -0500
    No, Pat Nius, I’m not changing the subject. I’m CORRECTING the errors of this article. And, again I provided a citation showing exactly that.

    To your continued rant about Walz not having authority regarding this issue:

  • Pat Nius
    commented 2021-05-06 16:20:02 -0500
    Again, the troll pops up, trying to change the subject. You know perfectly well that “easing” of the mask mandates isn’t Jake’s point. The point is, Walz DOES NOT HAVE AND SHOULD NOT HAVE unilateral authority to ease, re-impose or lift those kind of restrictions PERIOD. I’d “strongly recommend” that J Bird work on his reading comprehension, but that’s not the issue. He’s a paid disinformation agent.
  • J Bird
    commented 2021-05-06 15:58:54 -0500
    Again, AlphaNews is not telling the full story. Minnesota is actually EASING the mask mandate – as early as TOMORROW:


    Jake Duesenberg, I would strongly recommend you check more than one source for your stories.
  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2021-05-06 14:28:32 -0500