Walz Relaunches "Kids Deserve a Shot" Program; Paying $200 Each

Governor Walz relaunched a vaccine program directed towards children using $200 bribes to get the jab. The original program entitled "Kids Deserve a Shot" was rolled out last October. Walz is trying to lure our children into getting the experimental vaccine by using taxpayer money and Visa gift cards.

“Getting children vaccinated is the best way to keep families safe from COVID-19 — and now, it’s the easiest way to get a Visa gift card. Get your child vaccinated and get $200. It’s that simple" stated Walz, sounding more like a pharmaceutical salesman than the Governor of Minnesota.

How a child getting the vaccine will keep "families safe" is a mystery, however. Walz admitted himself, back in December, that he tested positive for COVID because of his child spreading it to him. Walz is a regular mask wearer and is fully vaccinated and boosted. Attorney General Keith Ellison and Secretary of State Steve Simon, all fully vaccinated and boosted, also recently got COVID.

Israel has one of the most vaccinated populations in the world. The country is now promoting a fourth shot. However, Israel just experienced record daily infections of 65,259

Bloomberg News reported that early Omicron breakthrough cases "show MRNA Vaccines' weakness", according to a study posted on The Lancet. Walz is luring our children into getting a vaccine that doesn't even work against the predominate variant. 

The program began on January 24th and runs through the end of February. 

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2022-01-25 11:28:22 -0600