Walz and Dems Deceived Voters; Now Raising YOUR Taxes

On the campaign trail last fall, Governor Walz and several swing district Democrats, like Sen Judy Seeberger, ran on an agenda of less taxes. Walz himself proudly boasted, "I've never raised taxes as governor." And they made multiple promises to eliminate the Social Security tax on seniors and return a substantial portion of the massive budget surplus.

Walz even tweeted four days before the election that he wanted to return $2,000 of overtaxed surplus money back to individuals.

Turns out, Walz and Flanagan had no intention of pushing to "get this done." With full Democrat control of the Minnesota government, putting money back in your pocket is not the objective of the Democrats. Here's a breakdown of what appears will be passed in the final days of the session.

Rebate Checks

The budget surplus is about $21 Billion. Which means that each taxpayer is owed up to $8,000 (if divided equally). Democrats final agreement on how much they will give back of OUR money is an insulting $260 per tax filer, and $260 for dependent children up to 3 total dependents. So the most a family in Minnesota will see of their money is $1,300. The total rebate program accounts for $1.1 Billion or a mere 5% of the total money that they overtaxed us by. The rest will go to funding all the Democrat's radical agenda and paybacks to their Special Interests.

Household Delivery Tax

For every package or food delivery sent to your home, Democrats want to add 75 cents. Even if the item is returned to the vendor, you will still be charged. Sound crazy? This tax has already passed in the Minnesota House. Luckily, it hasn't been fully embraced by the Senate, but that could change in any hour and rushed to the floor for a vote. Remember, Democrats say they only want to tax "the wealthy." What a LIE!

Metro Sales Tax Increase

Democrats also put a metro sales tax increase in their transportation bill which received support in the House and will likely be in the final omnibus bill that passes the Senate as well. This would tag on another .75% to the already high sales taxes of the 7 county metro area. Current tax rates range from 7.125% to 8.025%

Gas Tax Increase

In another attempt by the Democrats to "tax the wealthy," a proposal to increase our tax on gasoline has resurfaced at the Capitol in the final days of the legislative session. If it's not already bad enough that gas prices are high due to politicians inflating our money supply, Walz and Democrat Party bosses want to increase the current 28.5 cent state gas tax and tie it to inflation. 

Social Security Tax Stays for Some

There will be a total tax elimination of social security income for Minnesotans who have a Federal Adjusted Gross Income of $100k or lower. Tax filers between $100k and $140k will have a reduction in taxes. And those above, will still pay taxes. Way to stick up for our seniors!

$2.2 Billion Tax Increase Over Next Four Years for Business Owners

Minnesota is losing small business owners every year. There's a net decrease of high income earners leaving for states like Florida, according to data from the IRS. And now Democrats want to expedite that process by focusing a $2.2 Billion tax increase on job producing citizens. Here's a list of their potential revenue streams:


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-05-18 15:37:27 -0500