Walz Threatens Non-Woke Parents In Tirade; Signs Executive Order

Governor Tim Walz held a signing ceremony for an executive order protecting the LGBT "right" to groom children on Wednesday morning, capping off the event by calling anti-trans parents and activists “bullies”.

This executive order makes Minnesota a sanctuary state for transgender surgeries and treatments. Take a look at the most concerning part of the order below:

Read the whole executive order.

It is clear that he and his lackeys in the legislature are feeling the heat from surrounding states. Just recently, Tennessee enacted a law that bans child genital mutilation surgeries.

Strangely enough, Walz was clearly threatened by this act. He believes that this behavior is an attempt to “eradicate” LGBT people. In reality, it is an effort to protect children from the left’s woke agenda.

At this conference, Walz invited a family doctor who specializes in “transgender youth” to speak to the room. Dr. Kelsey Leonardsmith demanded that legislators protect her right to profit from gender hormones and surgeries. When asked about lasting damage caused by these treatments, she replied:

“There are also permanent, irreversible changes caused by just living in the body that you are born in.”

Lt. Governor Flanagan was also wearing the shirt below, which says “Protect Trans Kids” and features a large knife.

At least three children were present at the event, all of which were highlighted by various speakers. 

According to the Democrats, the parents that want to obstruct their child-abuse agenda are “bullies” and have no place in Tim Walz’s “One Minnesota.”

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  • Russell Jackson
    commented 2023-03-09 11:16:50 -0600
    If Waltz’s kids got this surgery, I bet he would scream to high heaven. I think it is time for the GOP majority counties to vote to join either ND, SD, or Iowa. We are not getting any representation now. Maybe each county in MN should get a state representative. Then a conservative might have a chance. MN is going to be a one-party state like CA. I we all see how well that has worked for CA. Right now, all you need is to in the twin cities, Rochester, and Duluth. Which is where the majority of the lefties live and contain the largest population centers. But according to Waltz, I am either a rock or a cow. I wonder if the lefties thought of how i am going to heat my house in 2030 when they just outlawed natural gas? But that law will not be enforced against the left, since they are so righteous. And what is “social justice” anyway?
  • Connie Wirtz
    commented 2023-03-08 20:56:12 -0600
    This is pure evil, this must stop we are also a sanctuary state for transgenders. There is a group of transgenders in St. Cloud. I can’t remember the name. Alpha News had video with a man testifying as a woman. He and his partner have 2 transgender kids.
  • William Beck
    published this page in News 2023-03-08 12:17:16 -0600