Weak MNGOP Chair David Hann: Democrats Are Not Our Enemy

Last Monday, Dave Hann attended a political “unity” event with Minnesota Democrat Party Chair Ken Martin at the University of St. Thomas. The “Reduce the Rancor” event was hosted by Braver Angels, a group that advocates for moderate political outcomes.

In an address to the Group, Dave Hann states that Democrats are “not our enemy,” and that “we have to find ways to work together…”

Hann fits this group well. For most groups like this, reducing polarization means giving the Democrats everything they want. This appears to be true, as the event was also sponsored by the liberal League of Women Voters among many other liberal colleges and universities. 

Hann is clearly not willing to take the fight to Democrats in St. Paul after all they have done. Remember, Democrats eliminated any restrictions on abortion, increased your sales and gas taxes, and infringed upon your second amendment rights.

This should not surprise you, as Hann has openly states many times that he does not like President Trump for his policies and rhetoric. In 2022, Hann stated that “Donald Trump is vulgar, he’s rude, he’s boorish, he’s abusive, he’s obnoxious.”

Loyalty to Trump does not tell the whole story. However, it usually lets you know where someone stands politically. Hann is more interested in fending off the conservative grassroots activists than he is the Democrats. Look no further than the mess in Otter Tail County

Dave Hann wants Republicans to moderate in order to win. It’s worth asking, is it really winning if we have the same policy platform as the Democrats?


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  • Paul Bade
    commented 2024-04-01 22:24:18 -0500
    Mr. Hann apparently takes a “professional” view of politics, and regards the Democrat Party as competition, like one grocery store chain competing with another. This might have been reasonable a century ago, when the argument was mostly about means to generally common objectives. Today, however, the Democrat Party opposes the very ideals upon which the United States was founded in nearly every aspect. Like it or not, conservatives and Democrats have objectives that are mutually exclusive; we are ideological enemies.
  • Michael House
    followed this page 2024-03-23 10:41:25 -0500
  • Action 4 Liberty
    published this page in News 2024-03-20 22:16:28 -0500