US Sen Ron Johnson Delivers Edgy Speech at Minnesota Event

On Tuesday, US Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) spoke to a room full of over 200 Republicans in Minnesota’s second congressional district. This “Reagan Dinner” was a fundraiser hosted by Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District Republican Party. Natalie Barnes, delegate-at-large for CD 2, is credited with securing the Senator for this event. 

Johnson, a Minnesota native, spoke on a variety of topics in front of the Lakeville crowd. He began his speech by addressing the growing division that faces our country. More specifically, he called out the mainstream media for sowing fear in the lives of Americans. He believes this was particularly true with the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing up the fact that the virus was likely lab-generated and possibly planned. 

Image Credit: Natalie Barnes

The Senator also spoke at length about his leadership in exposing COVID-19 vaccine injuries, revealing that some of his Senate colleagues refuse to admit that they themselves were injured by the vaccine. He also applauded Nurse Natalie Barnes, who stood up to her employer by asserting her right to health freedom.

Johnson also discussed the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, stating that he will vote against future US funding of the war. The Senator expressed regret for initially voting for over $40 billion in foreign aid to the county of Ukraine. He even called out members of the Republican Party who root for war, calling them "Neocons" (short for "neoconservative").

Perhaps most surprisingly, Senator Johnson talked at length about Democrat Presidential candidate, Robert F Kennedy Jr, who has been a longtime health freedom advocate. Johnson noted that he is having his team confirm the facts brought up in his interview with Tucker Carlson. 

He even took time to answer questions from the audience – something that few big-name politicians will do without having them screened in advance.

Earlier in the day, President Biden visited Milwaukee and attacked Johnson. America’s oldest President attacked the Wisconsin Senator for using “MAGA rationale” and not giving enough attention to manufacturing jobs in the state.

Luckily for Johnson, he just won a third term in the United States Senate. According to polling, Biden will struggle to even get a second term in the White House.


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