Witch Hunt: Trump Indictment proves Nation is in Decline

Commentary by MAGA Jesse

Ever since coming down the escalator in Trump Tower on June 16th, 2015, President Trump has been the subject of fake news, phony investigations, accusations, and impeachments at a level never before seen against our Commander in Chief.

The deep state has zeroed in on Trump with the goal of sending him to prison. As a candidate in the 2024 race, this is the most blatant form of election interference our country has ever seen. We have become a banana republic ruled by elitists that hate Patriotic Americans. 

Following the fraudulent election of 2020, dementia puppet President Brandon has declared “MAGA Republicans” are the biggest threat to our nation. How is it that freedom loving Americans who want to “Make America Great Again” are a threat to our country? Considering that almost half of our citizens supported President Trump in the last election, is half of our country a threat to ourselves?

Now, out of something you’d see in a third world country, we have a President who is criminally targeting his political opponent for a crime that he himself is guilty of! Joe Biden is the weakest leader our country has ever had and he believes he can only win if Trump is locked up. Trump is far and away the leading GOP candidate for President and this latest indictment may prove why our country needs him back.

The deep state is attacking Trump and claiming he stole classified documents (which he had the authority of declassifying) while turning a blind eye to Biden who did the same thing, except Biden never had declassification authority of the documents! Additionally, Trump kept the documents in a safe protected by Secret Service agents while Biden had documents scattered around his garage and in Chinatown!

While the indictment is still sealed, some information has been discovered relating to the crimes corrupt Attorney General Merrick Garland alleges Trump committed. There are seven counts in this case and relates to the following “crimes”:

This scam perpetrated onto the American people is designed to sway us from supporting the only man who will drain the swamp: Donald J. Trump. Joe Biden, AKA The Big Guy, is one of the dumbest, most corrupt Presidents in the history of the world. If he truly believed MAGA Republicans want to destroy our country, why would you try to throw our desired leader in prison? Does he want to provoke us and cause violence in our country?

Witch hunts like this only happen in third world nations that are engulfed in scandals, corruption, revolutions, civil war, and uncertainty. China will soon be the “Super power of the world” unless our country acts quickly to restore our Constitution, freedom, and rightful President.

The American people see right through the scam and the Globalists know they’re barking up the wrong tree. When the deep state bureaucratic machine is targeting one man for the sole purpose of destroying his political career, We the People know that we are behind that man. Attempts to lock Trump up cements Patriots’ support for his re-election bid and will provide Trump with even more ammo against our corrupt government. The deep state better be careful what they wish for, because we will turn a prisoner into our President in a heartbeat!


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  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-06-09 13:59:40 -0500