Woke, Bureaucratic Education Bill passes House

As the Legislature is coming to an end, the radical left is hiding woke ideas in omnibus bills that range from hundreds to thousands of pages. Stand alone bills addressing only one subject are a thing of the past, despite omnibus bills being unconstitutional.

The Education Finance Bill (HF2497) is the latest Democratic hit-job in our state. This nightmare includes every disaster idea from Democrats like spending our Surplus, burying schools with administrative regulations, forcing woke propaganda in your kid’s classroom, and implementing mandates that will harm our schools. 

The Democrats claim that they want to “fully fund education” but are incapable of putting a number to what that exactly means. Really, Democrats want public schools to fail and live in a cyclical environment where they are fully dependent on the Legislature. This power-hungry bill is filled with overbearing mandates and regulations, some of which are unaffordable for our state.

The worst offense in this bill is the woke propaganda that they are forcing into schools. Democrats want to turn our children into mindless robots who will fight their social justice battles. Is it too much to ask that kids are not taught political propaganda in schools? Apparently that is too much to ask according to the Socialist Dems. 

Minnesota public schools will now be mandated to have “Ethnic Studies” classes which will likely teach children that white people are evil and oppressors of society. Despite children not having a racist bone in their bodies, tyrannical Dems want to make them “Antiracist”. See definition of Ethnic Studies from the bill below: 

This bill goes on to define “Antiracist”, “Culturally sustaining”, and “Institutional racism” in the most woke way possible. In the least racist time in the history of the world, Democrats want to capitalize on white guilt by suggesting that black people, natives, and others “continue to be harmed and erased through the education system”. What kind of fantasy land do they live in? The pretend oppression by the Left is dividing society and capturing the minds of weak people. See woke definitions below:

This bill then requires the Department of Education to hire staff for the purpose of propagandizing children on the issue of race. This top down policy gives no respect to local governments, school boards, parents, students, teachers, or taxpayers. Mandates like this are one of many reasons individuals are fleeing Minnesota. See mandate below:

To top off the nonsense, public and charter schools will be mandated to hold these Ethnic Studies brainwashing classes starting in the 2026-2027 school year. Democrats want your children to be force-fed BS and in return, they won’t have to take a math, science, social studies, or language class! Instead of learning a valuable skill, your children will learn to hate white people! See mandate below: 

This bill passed the State House with a party line vote of 70-62 and is headed to the Senate before Tim Walz signs this nightmare. See vote below:

Democratic Senators and Representatives are in lockstep with the evil, big government, anti-freedom agenda that is going after our kids. Pay attention to your child’s curriculum because it may become propaganda before you even know it.


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  • Tucker Hittesdorf
    commented 2023-05-17 10:35:30 -0500
    Ethnic studies is just a code word to tell white people that they’re racists. Even if an Ethnic studies class was done right, it would still be a completely worthless class.
  • MAGA Jesse Smith
    published this page in News 2023-05-16 20:13:05 -0500