Woke Gender Neutral Regulations Authored by Radical Leftists & a Republican

A new bill in the Legislature removes the word "breast" from "breast milk", calls women "lactating employees", and targets business owners with crazy regulations. GOP Senator Julia Coleman (SD48) is an author for SF1018 and is the only Republican on the bill in both the House and Senate! This bill adds unfair regulations for employers, increases the size and scope of government, and adds woke, social justice warrior gender language to our laws.

This bill piles regulatory burdens onto business owners as if there aren’t enough hurdles in our state. It begins with broad and vague ways that limits employers and forces them to walk on eggshells. If employers say anything that employees can find the tiniest issue with, the employee can take them to civil court and a liberal judge will award them with the owner’s money. See below:

This overarching language is used throughout the bill and will undoubtedly hurt business owners. They later target business owners again by removing regulations that require an employee work for an employer for 12 months preceding paid parental leave (paid by employer). What is to prevent someone from getting a job then immediately going on maternity or paternity leave on the employer’s dime? Absolutely nothing. See text below:

This bill goes on to inject woke terms like “lactating employees” because “nursing mothers” isn’t inclusive enough! Additionally, this bill eliminates the word “breast” from the phrase “breast milk”. Apparently, Julia Coleman and her Democratic friends think there’s other places milk comes from! The goal posts are always moving further and further left towards insanity. See the crazy wording for yourself below:

It is typical to see this nonsense from the radical left Democrats but it is a shock to see a Republican not just as a supporter of the bill, but as an author! Contact Senator Julia Coleman and tell her to oppose this bill and remove her name as an author! RINO behavior cannot be tolerated from our Legislators. We must fight the woke ideology on all fronts, make sure Senator Coleman gets the message!


UPDATE (March 10th, 2023): Sen Julia Coleman emailed our organization and informed us she removed her name from the bill.

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  • Jesse Smith
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