GOP Senator Removes her Name from Woke Bill after A4L Pressure

Action 4 Liberty reported yesterday that SF1018 was a woke bill that struck the word “breast” from “breast milk”, added the term “lactating individuals” since “nursing mothers” wasn’t inclusive enough, created unfair business regulations, and added woke language that will fill up courts with nonsense “discrimination” cases.

Many of the issues with this bill were on full display during last night’s floor session in the House as they debated the House version of this bill, HF1104. Amendments were offered by the GOP Legislators to remove the social justice warrior language and adjust/remove the regulatory burden on businesses created with this bill.

All Amendments were stifled by the Democratic control with exception to one Amendment that changed the date the bill goes into effect. Aside from that single Amendment, the Democrats voted in lockstep to prevent any conservative influence. This bill then passed on party lines by a vote of 70-58 (6 Republicans were absent).

We reported that Senator Julia Coleman was the only GOP author on this woke, liberal bill and last night’s floor session showed that there was ZERO Republican support for this legislation. Thanks to the pressure of our organization and supporters like yourself, we are happy to announce that Sen. Coleman will remove her name as an author for the bill!

We were able to contact Julia Coleman and she immediately notified us that she saw red flags with this bill and will withdraw her support! This is proof that pressure works and Action 4 Liberty is very effective! See email evidence below:

On Monday 3/13/23, Senator Coleman's name was officially struck as an author for the bill. The highlighted line shows this and is listed as the most recent action taken on the bill. See below:

It is the responsibility of Patriots to keep tabs on the Legislature and hold politicians accountable when they sign onto bad bills. Use this as a reminder that grassroots conservatives can be effective and make a serious impact! We are on the radar of politicians in our state because we represent tens of thousands of conservative Minnesotans! Thank you to all who reached out to Senator Coleman and let her know that conservatives do not support woke, gender-neutral, and radical left bills!

EDIT: This article was edited on 3/13/23 to provide proof that Senator Julia Coleman removed her name from the bill.

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