Woke Media Giddy About Potential First Transgender U.S. Congressman

The woke corporate media is all giddy today as a Delaware Transgender State Senator announced his bid for U.S. Congress in a reliably safe Democrat district following the announcement from current Rep Lisa Blunt Rochester that she will be running for the U.S. Senate.

Several state legislatures have men dressing as women in their chambers, but so far, no transgender candidate has reached the U.S. Capitol. Delaware State Senator Sarah McBride hopes to be the first. And he will have plenty of support from the leftist infrastructure because McBride has worked through the Democrat ranks over the years, including helping Joe Biden's son get elected Attorney General more than a decade ago and working in the Obama/Biden White House in 2015.

Already, McBride's former employer is cheerfully endorsing the campaign. 

Taxpayer funded NPR writes, "In historic bid, transgender Delaware state senator launches congressional campaign." The AP proudly boasts, "If this Delaware senator wins a US House seat, she’ll be the 1st trans member of Congress." 

Delaware's at-large Congressional seat is a relatively safe Democrat seat, last won by Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester by a 12.5% margin. With McBrides connection to the Bidens, it's likely that he'll win the Democrat primary and win the November election. Then we'll get to hear around the clock coverage about how "courageous" he is for becoming a "woman."

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-06-26 13:46:39 -0500