Xcel's Green Energy Project Skyrockets to $1.14 Billion; Customers to Pay for It

It looks like we have a glimpse of the first real costs of Governor Walz and Democrats' reckless "Carbon Free 2040" bill. There's a proposed project to build power lines from southern Minnesota's wind turbine and solar panel fields and run it up to the retiring Sherco Coal plant to feed the Twin Cities power grid. According to the Star Tribune the price tag just doubled to $1.14 Billion.

According to Xcel's website, the project helps with the companies plan to reduce carbon by 2030 and be completely carbon free by 2050. Of course, the Democrat's passed a bill this year that MANDATES power companies supply carbon free energy by the year 2040. This bill passed with no scientific data that shows what impact that costly move will have on local or global temperatures. 

Here's a map of the project:

As the Sherco coal plants begin to shut down and come off line, Xcel plans on putting in solar panels at the site. All these costs, as one can imagine, will inevitably be passed onto the customer. Yet another way government has increased the cost of living for Minnesota families.

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    Maybe Mn should be "DFL free: by 2025. The MN DFLer’s must think that all of the “dirty air” will stop at the state’s borders. Not sure if DFLer’s have always been this stupid or they had to work at it. The DFLer’s should ban all cell phones, streetlights, computers, etc. Basically, everything that uses electricity. Welcome to the 12th century.
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