Action 4 Liberty's Win Against Weaponized Campaign Finance Board

Republican Establishment weasels filed false allegations against us with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.A case that should’ve been dismissed right away, ended up getting investigated by the highly politicized, Tim Walz appointed Board.

Even when their legal staff found no evidence of wrongdoing, they ignored the recommendation, and kept the witch hunt on.

And it’s obvious to us why.

They wanted to make us drown in legal costs, scare people away from our organization and waste many hours of our time fighting to prove our innocence. And the more time and resources that went to fighting erroneous charges, the less time we can spend holding corrupt, anti-liberty politicians accountable.

GOOD NEWS - their corrupt scheme against us backfired! We WON TODAY!

The CFB has dismissed the most recent case against us.

Their conclusion after months of a witch hunt is that we did NOTHING WRONG and are totally vindicated.

This is a blow to the swampy, Republican Establishment that launched this attack on us. It's important to understand that this was supported all the way to the top of the Republican Party of Minnesota. They used a weaponized government agency to go against the largest grassroots conservative organization in the state.

At last Saturday's State Central meeting, David Hann's right hand lawyer, Reid LeBeau, was given stage time to talk to the delegation. Reid LeBeau and his law firm are the lawyers behind the erroneous complaints against us.

Last year, MNGOP Chair David Hann used the Party's mass email system to tarnish our reputation with false accusations about guilt. Meanwhile, the Party has expenses to Reid LeBeau that synch up with the timeframe of the case against us.

No matter how many times the Establishment, Radical Left and RINOs come after us, we prevail. Our mission is to protect liberty for the next generation. We won't allow these cronies to defeat us.

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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2023-12-15 16:33:27 -0600