AG Ellison Writes Threatening Letter to Target Over Decision to Remove PRIDE Merch

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison penned a letter to Target's CEO with 14 other Attorneys General threatening the company of not following the dictates of the Minnesota Human Rights Act (MHRA). Ellison and the authors wrote, "states have laws protecting against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in places of public accommodation like Target stores" and that Target should "be mindful of its obligations under these laws as it makes decisions as to how to respond to backlash against its Pride merchandise."

Target recently came under fire as they moved PRIDE displays towards the front of their stores and featured propaganda clothing items for little children, grooming books and female swimsuits that allowed male genitalia to be tucked into a pouch. Customers have revolted by boycotting Target which has led the stores to rethink their corporate strategy.

Ellison and gang don't care about the financial consequences caused to Target stock. He and a group of other woke Attorneys General crafted the letter in an obvious attempt of virtue signaling to the LGTBQ community.

The letter states that the MHRA "currently prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity." As we reported in May, Minnesota Democrats amended the MHRA by removing language that previously specified "sexual orientation" does not include "sexual attachment of children by adults."  So now, pedophilia is a protected class in the MHRA. Ellison and gang continue, "the reach of the MHRA extends to the 'full and equal enjoyment' of the goods and services of places of public accommodations."

Ellison posted the letter on the Attorney General's website today

The letter's veiled threat doesn't go further than asking Target to "be mindful" of the law, but it begs the question, how far reaching does Ellison believe his powers go with internal company decisions?

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