Why Seeberger & Democrat's 'Pedophilia' Bill Language is a REALLY BIG Deal

If you ask radical leftist Sen Judy Seeberger about the pro-pedophilia language in her Gun Control & Pedophile Omnibus bill, she'll shrug off concerns because sexual abuse of children is still a crime. And that's true still, thank God. But the language that Seeberger and the entire Democrat Senate just passed still has dangerous consequences for Minnesota by legitimizing pedophilia as a protected "sexual orientation" in the Minnesota Human Rights Act (Chapter 363A).

What her bill did was remove from the definitions section of the Minnesota Human Rights Act (Sec 363A.03 Subd 44) the line "'sexual orientation' does not include a physical or sexual attachment to children by an adult." Basically, the definition of sexual orientation no longer excludes pedophilia in the Human Rights Act.

Seeberger and Democrats also took out a provision in the bill that would've specifically stated that pedophilia is "not a protected class", so the new definition of sexual orientation that passed the Senate will now protect the "sexual attachment of children by adults" for all the anti-discriminatory provisions of the Human Rights Act. This impacts employers, property owners, companies and schools in Minnesota.

Sections 08-18 of the Human Rights Act will now make it against the law for:

- an employer to refuse to hire a pedophile or discharge an employee who is a pedophile (Section 08)

- a property owner to refuse to sell, rent or lease property to a pedophile (Section 09)

- a private company to refuse to sell goods and services to a pedophile (Section 11)

- a school or college to discriminate against a pedophile for the "full utilization of or benefit from any educational institutions" (Section 13)

Minnesota criminal code still makes it illegal for a pedophile to act on their "sexual orientation" with a child. But the motivation behind this change in law leads us to believe the radical left is beginning a long journey to change that as well.

Things happen gradually, then suddenly.

In 2012, the last time Democrats had a trifecta in the Minnesota government, most Democrats would've been against drag shows for little children or allowing children as young as six to receive genital mutilation surgery or gender hormone treatments. Today, that is the mainstream Democrat politician's position. Minnesota Democrats made us a Sanctuary State for Genital Mutilation surgeries. And several Democrat legislators were in the Capitol rotunda, cheering and clapping for a drag performer while several minors were present.

These people are sick and we can't let them continue the over sexualization of our children!



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