Bogus Campaign Finance Complaint Against A4L Dropped

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board dropped a two-year-old complaint against Action 4 Liberty on Monday. The Board is made up of Governor Tim Walz employees, which explains why the process was so long and drawn out.

In the extra-judicial court called the Campaign Finance Board, guilt is assumed before innocence. Therefore, the body will take any complaint, regardless of evidence, and launch a full-throated investigation that threatens the operational strength of a campaign or organization.

The complaint alleged that Action 4 Liberty illegally contributed to the campaign of a gubernatorial candidate in 2022, despite the campaign paying fair-market value for access to A4L materials. 

The complaint against Action 4 Liberty was filed in May of 2022 to slow down efforts to expand the conservative base and secure more legislative victories in St. Paul. You see, plenty of politicians have complained about Action 4 Liberty’s method of confrontational politics – because it forces them to spring into action. 

You see, Senate Victory Fund Staffer Mike Campbell used a Republican volunteer from Winona to file multiple complaints against Action 4 Liberty on his behalf. He found the volunteer so he could avoid being publicized. Luckily, our team uncovered the truth.

Read about Mike Campbell and his scheme here.

Complaints filed against Action 4 Liberty require our organization to spend time and money defending ourselves – taking time away from putting pressure on politicians.

Thankfully, patriots like you have helped us fend off these attacks through your generous donations. YOU helped us raise $30,000 to pay our legal bills. You also helped us fend off another ridiculous complaint late last year, which was also orchestrated by the corrupt Mike Campbell.

Luckily, the Campaign Finance Board could not drag this process out any longer. They dismissed any accusation of wrongdoing in this complaint. Now, our team can continue to focus on what's important: training grassroots activists, making calls, knocking on doors, and fighting the good fight to preserve your liberties. 


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