Con Artist Politician Gene Pelowski Won't Seek Re-election in Winona

Career politician Gene Pelowski, a member of the Walz' Emergency Powers Con Artist crew, just announced he is not seeking re-election in House District 26A, Winona area. Pelowski is one of six Democrat House members who, in 2020, conned his constituents into believing he supported ending Governor Walz' illegal shutdown orders.

Pelowski voted multiple times before the 2020 election to remove Walz' powers, which was a popular move with the Winona voter base. But after the election, when his vote really mattered because the Democrats could only afford to lose four votes on any issue, Pelowski did a 180 and voted to protect Governor Walz' powers as businesses in his district suffered.

Here's an image of our lit drops in multiple districts to create political pain for the Con Artists:

Gene Pelowski is currently serving his 19th term in office. He was first elected for the Minnesota House in 1986 when the Chicago Bears were reigning Super Bowl champs, James Brown's "Living in America" won best R&B Vocals of the Years at the Grammy's, and Ronald Reagan was President of the United States.  

Of the 6 Con Artists, only one now remains: Rep Dave Lislegard who represents a district in Minnesota's Iron Range. If we want to take back our country and restore liberty, self-serving, con artist politicians need to be replaced by principled Liberty First candidates!


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  • Jake Duesenberg
    published this page in News 2024-01-08 18:24:54 -0600